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«Interbudtechnica» company (Kyiv) has been supplying into Ukrainian market from 2003 year:

Highly reliable, qualitative and practical equipment manufactured by world-known manufacturer.

You can buy from us truck-mounted Locatelli cranes, truck-mounted KLAAS cranes, JEKKO mini-cranes, Vicario crane (Italy), TFI underground forworks for every type of tunnel and BLASTCRETE equipment and Blend plants which covers all stages of tunnel construction.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) since 2008 is the official representative of Locatelli (Italy) company, a world-famous manufacturer of rough terrain cranes. The modern production of the company Locatelli is located in the north of Italy, near the city of Bergamo, which is 50 km from Milan.

LOCATELLI CRANE S.r.l. is the first Italian Company manufacturer of telescopic hydraulic cranes and specialized in the production of Rough Terrain Cranes, ranging from 12,5 through 80 metric ton capacity, with a great choice of options for different applications as well as new range Truck Mounted Cranes from Locatelli Crane: from 35t to 50 t capacity.

Since 2017 Interbudtechica (Kyiv) is the representative of the company KLAAS (Germany) - the world-famous manufacturer of truck cranes, trailer cranes, load lifters, truck-mounted platforms, truck-mounted fire-fighting platforms, ladder hoists - with the history of more than 80 years. KLAAS products, manufactured on modern equipment, meet all European standards of quality and safety and are exported all over the world.

Since 2017 the company "Interbudtehnica" (Kiev) is the official representative of the company Jekko S.p.A (Italy) - is a world leading manufacturer of minicranes with more than 50 years of experience in the lifting and handling sector.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) is the official representative of O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO, which was founded in 1971 by the VICARIO brothers, who already had more than a decade of experience making lifting equipment. Vicario cranes have always been appreciated for their quality and efficiency, and their quality has been improved over the years as progress has been made in design tools and the company has located partners guaranteeing more and more accurate working processes. O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO S.p.A. products are now exported and appreciated all over Europe.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) is the official representative of Platform Basket (Italy) - is one of the largest aerial platform manufacturers in Italy.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) is the official representative of BLEND PLANTS TM (Italy), which almost half a century developing and manufacturing stationary and mobile concrete plants. BLEND PLANTS products are well known both in Europe and around the world.

BLEND asphalt concrete plants (Italy) are universal in terms of their use - they produce various mortars, including concrete, cold asphalt, cement mixtures, fiber concrete and others.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) is the official representative of Blastcrete Equipment is American owned business based in Anniston, Alabama. Roots date back to Los Angeles in 1950 and since then they’ve continued to evolve as the premier shotcrete equipment manufacturer serving customers worldwide.

The company "Interbudtehnica" (Kyiv) since 2021 is the official representative of TFI – Tunnel & Formwork International - machinery construction for tunneling industry, formwork and steel formwork for the most advanced concrete prefabrication, medium and heavy steel structures

During years of prosperous working «Interbudtechnica» company supplied Ukrainian market with more units of concrete machinery and lifting equipment.
The active participation of the company both in government and international projects and tenders is the bright accent of «Interbudtechnica’s» activity:

  • November 2021. The Locatelli TCL40.35 truck crane (Italy) was delivered and put into operation for a leading assembly and construction company operating throughout Ukraine.
  • December 2020. Delivery and commissioning of a mini picker MPK06 Jekko (Italy) with a vacuum manipulator for glass and an additional goose for the company from Korosten.

-* November 2019. Rough Terrain Crane GRIL 50.45, Locatelli (Italy) was delivered and commissioned for a leading installation and construction company in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The Locatelli GRIL 50.45 Rough Terrain Сrane with a loading capacity of 50 tons is a maximum productivity in the most extreme conditions.

  • September / October 2019. High-pressure mixing pump MX-10 Blastcrete Equipment Company (USA) was supplied and commissioned at one of the largest metallurgical plants in Ukraine. This is the second delivery of this equipment by our company. Leaders of the metallurgical industry trust Interbudtechnica!
  • March 2019. Concrete pump UB 506/309 CIFA (Italy), mounted on chassis ISUZU EURO 5 was delivered and successfully commissioned. This equipment is adapted for work in the city and is positioned as urban concrete pump "City pump".
  • October 2017 Self-Reacting Tunnel Formwork CIFA (length 12 m) successfully completed work on one of the largest infrastructure projects - the construction of a new two-track Beskyd Tunnel in the Carpathians!
  • April 2017. Supply and starting up of mobile self erecting tower crane Vicario (Italy) model OMV310.
  • March 2017. Commissioning of Travelling Self-reacting Tunnel CIFA Formworks(length 12 m) - strategically important equipment for the next stage of the construction of a new two-track Beskiyd railway Tunnel in the Carpathians!
  • December 2016. Supply of 12 m long Travelling Self-reacting Tunnel CIFA Formworks for the project: "Construction of a new two-track railway Beskyd Tunnel" in the Carpathian Mountains, 1.8 km long.
  • September 2016. Supply and starting up of screed pump ESTROMAT 260 DS4-3 manufactured by Uelzener (Germany).
  • August 2015. Start-up, at one of the biggest metallurgical plant of Ukraine mixer / pump for mixing and feeding, shotcrete of cast refractory masses of model MX-10 manufactured by Blastcrete Equipment Company (USA).
  • November 2014. It was carried a training course on the technology of laying of shotcrete in the tunnel, using CIFA spritz system CSS-3 for the technical personnel of the customer.
  • October 2012. The supply of CIFA spritz system for shotcreting and concrete pumps for construction of a new two-track 1.8 km long railway tunnel Beskyd of international importance in the Carpathian Mountains.
  • March 2010. The supply of truck-mounted concrete boom pumps and portable concrete pumps within the framework of International project between Ukraine and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development upon construction and commissioning of new protective sarcophagus at Chernobyl Nuclear power plant.
  • August 2008. The supply of autocranes manufactured by TCM company (Italy) with carrying capacity of 200 tones and Locatelli (Italy), 60 tones, for construction and reconstruction of different facilities for UEFA European Championship - Euro 2012.
  • October 2005. The supply of CIFA truck mixers for construction of Yuzhnyi Bridge over the Dnieper River with their further installation on the barge.

The European approach to work, the responsibility for the result and many years’ experience allowed «Interbudtechnica» company to hold strong positions at the market, offering to the clients solution most appropriated to theirs tasks and also services at European level.

In response to the wishes of the clients «Interbudtechnica» company was among the first in 2005 who practiced CIFA auto concrete pumps К2-Х/32 (boom’s length is 32 metres) and truck mixers model RHS-75 (capacity 7m3) mounting on the chassis MAZ cutting production costs of the machinery significantly that allowed the company to reach an understanding on many strategic issues and expand its presence at domestic construction market.

«Interbudtechnica» company provides complete technical maintenance including guarantee services and after sales support. High quality of provided services, including the supply of spare parts using its own service network in Ukraine, careful treatment of each client and constant quality control contribute to the client confidence.

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