Commitment, reliability and professionalism in the aerial work transport sector have introduced the Platform Basket brand in the specific field of railway maintenance boom lifts.

Our experience in various industrial sectors, including our specialization in tracked boom lifts, has led the Emilia-Romagna (Italy)-based company to develop a road/rail model perfect for railway maintenance work. The model has gained success in various parts of Italy and abroad.

With this success, Platform Basket now boasts a specific railway division that creates specific aerial work equipment for lifting people and equipment designed to solve general railway maintenance problems.

We now offer extremely lightweight, manoeuvrable and high-performance products which allow maintenance to be performed with ease, using road transport to reach the work location, preventing blockages or delays on the railway line.

The strict railway regulations are an integral part of the development of each new piece of equipment created by Platform Basket. Products certified for the most important European and international railways are now available.

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