O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO S.a.S. was founded in 1971 by the VICARIO brothers, who already had more than a decade of experience making lifting equipment and cement mixers.

The new company initially operated out of a 2000 m² plant, and the quality of its machines and favorable economic trends allowed it to grow considerably and succeed on the domestic and international markets.

In 1973 the company’s continuing growth led to acquisition of a large industrial area near Gattico, where the company now has 50,000 m² of land.

In 1980 O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO became a joint-stock company.
In 1992 the company opened a centre for resale and rental of quality construction equipment alongside its production facility to offer customers a complete service.

Vicario cranes have always been appreciated for their quality and efficiency, and their quality has been improved over the years as progress has been made in design tools and the company has located partners guaranteeing more and more accurate working processes.

O.M.V. Officine Meccaniche VICARIO S.p.A. products are now exported and appreciated all over Europe.

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