Delivery of the new Locatelli GRIL 50.45 rough terrain crane (Italy)

The company «Interbudtechniсa» in November 2019 launched a new Rough Terrain Crane GRIL 50.45, Locatelli (Italy) for one of the leading installation and construction companies in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

We welcome this selection of modern construction equipment by the leading players in this market !

Why is the Rough Terrain Crane GRIL 50.45 the best example of modern European lifting equipment?

Italian company Locatelli has been specializing in the manufacture of off-road hydraulic telescopic cranes for more than half a century.
The quality, reliability and usability of these cranes have long been known in the European market.

Rough Terrain Crane GRIL 50.45 is the most proven and optimal model of the entire line rough terrain cranes Locatelli.

  • Payload - 45-50 tons
  • Boom length - 10.1-32.0 m
  • Lifting height - 42.5-50.6 m
  • Functionality: «crab move», «take and carry»
  • The touch color display LMI 8" displays all key parameters of the truck crane.

    The latest generation boom design provides maximum performance under the most extreme conditions.

    Locatelli rough terrain cranes are used for construction and civil works, in civil and road construction, in industrial enterprises, mining and processing plants, warehouses, logistics centers, in ports and terminals.

    Having excellent lifting characteristics and dimensions Locatelli rough terrain short-base truck cranes work in cramped conditions, and maneuverability on construction and industrial sites provides a «crab course», as well as the ability to move with the load - all this is done GRIL 50.45 truck crane more priority than competitors.

    The success of Locatelli mobile cranes is based on their reliability, high level of performance and low maintenance.
    Locatelli rough terrain cranes - are the high quality of components and many years of experience in the production of this type of machine.

    Locatelli rough terrain cranes are efficient and reliable, working with them is as comfortable as possible for the operator !

    We are grateful to our customers for their cooperation and trust in our company!

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