Interbudtechnica successfully supplied and commissioned the Jekko SPX 527 telescopic mini-crane

{{}} Interbudtechnica successfully delivered and conducted commissioning telescopic mini crane Jekko SPX527 for one of the largest industrial companies of Ukraine!

{{}} Interbudtechnica successfully conducted commissioning compact but extremely powerful mini crane Jekko SPX527, which has high performance and of the load capacity and operating range, which is a significant advantage in the works both outdoors and in enclosed spaces:
- Load-Carrying Capacity = 2,5 T X 2,5 M
- Action Radius = 250 Kg X 11.2 M
- Lifting Height = 1000 Kg X 13.5 M
- Size = 4145mm x 1100mm x 1957mm

In addition, the Jekko cranes have a wide range of hinged equipment:
• Different types of cousins,
• Vacuum lifts
• Vacuum manipulators for the installation of glass and flat panels,
• Manipulators-grippers for pipes and beams,
• Traverses and others.

All hinged equipment is fully integrated with the functions and safety system of the mini crane.

These cranes will be useful not only to the companies of the industrial sector, but also to all those who are involved in:
- construction,
- metallurgical
- chemical industry
- energetic industry
- natural industry
- agro-industrial complex
- other branches of the economy.

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