Professional metallurgists trust Interbudtechnica - mixer / pump MX-10 Blastcrete (USA)

The company «Interbudtechnica» successfully delivered and put into operation in September / October 2019 - MX-10 high-pressure mixing pump manufactured by Blastcrete Equipment Company (USA).

This equipment was delivered to one of the largest metallurgical plants in Ukraine for the repair of blast furnaces.

This high pressure mixing pump designed for shotcrete casting refractory masses. This machine has long been the industry standard for monolithic refractory plants.

The mixer / pump MX-10 works with refractory mixtures for:

  • filling of the main and transport gutters during their installation and repairs;
  • shotcrete walls of the blast furnace shaft and other surfaces and similar mixtures;
  • filling voids between the casing and the blast-furnace coolers;
  • filling the voids formed in the blast furnace as a result of burnout of refractories in the process of operation and similar mixtures.

Mixer / pump MX-10 from Blastcrete Equipment (USA) are the fastest and most efficient in the industry.
This high-torque mixer, combined with a high-pressure piston pump, can continuously produce up to 10 tons refractory masses per hour.
The new hydraulic feedback loop provides greater speed and torque to quickly and efficiently mix dense refractory materials in less than in 2 minutes.

This is already second delivery our company of this equipment in Ukraine!

Metallurgical industry leaders trust «Interbudtechnica» !

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