Interbudtechnica successfully delivered a UB 506/309 CIFA portable pump on the ISUZU EURO 5 chassis

Company «Interbudtechnica» successfully delivered and put into operation UB 506/309 CIFA concrete pump (Italy) installed on ISUZU EURO 5 chassis.
The delivered set also includes a steel concrete pipe 50 meters long.

This model has a production capacity over 50m3/h. As well as 2 modes of performance.
There is a possibility of increasing the range of concrete supply by reducing the performance capacity when switching the pump group.

Concrete technology produced by CIFA has established itself as a first-class European manufacturer of equipment for working with concrete. Quality, reliability, warranty service of CIFA equipment - is time-tested and allowed company to occupy a leading position in this sector of construction equipment.

More information about the model portable pump UB506/309, CIFA »

This equipment is adapted for work in the city and is positioned as a concrete pump of urban type «City pump».
Compact size, good performance, and excellent maneuverability - all these are the characteristics of this concrete pump.
In addition to the sale of concrete, it is also possible to supply other materials, for example, mixtures with coal, marble chips or other small fractions.

Technical Specifications of the UB 506/309 CIFA concrete pump

Model of concrete pumpUB 506/309
Chassis (2 axes) ISUZU EURO 5
Independent water cooled diesel engine Deutz (Germany)
Engine power 74.4 kW
Concrete pressure 57/91 bar
Size of cylinders 176 x 1000 mm
Concrete feed distance vertical / horizontal 100/400 meters
Hopper capacity 350 liters
Hydraulic water pump for flushing the concrete pump after work 50 l/min. - 50 bar
Concrete supply control panel +
Vibrator mounted on a bin hopper for making concrete +
Hydraulic circuit Open Type
Flushing hose complete with nozzle on automatic spool +
Automated lubrication system +
Control panel +
Remote control With cable 20 meters
Air compressor +
Water tank 600 liters
Fuel tank 80 liters
Acoustic signal engine failure +
Toolkit +
A set of steel pipes with knees, connections and seals 50 meters with a diameter of 125 mm

The main control panel of a concrete pump with a diesel auxiliary engine and a separate remote control make the control of all processes as convenient and controlled as possible.

The advantages of the urban pump «City pump»

  • Low maintenance.
  • Low noise level during operation.
  • Compactness and maneuverability.
  • Reliable performance in cold climates.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning.

If you are interested in this equipment or you want to buy CIFA concrete equipment you can contact us by phone:
(044) 502-67-23 or
(050) 948-44-11

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