CIFA tunnel formwork has successfully completed works at the construction of Beskyd Tunnel in the Carpathians!

In the first days of October CIFA Self-Reacting Tunnel Formwork 12m long has successfully completed work on one of the largest infrastructure projects - construction of the new two-track Beskyd Tunnel in the Carpathians!

The new two-track Beskyd tunnel of 1.8 km length - built near the existing one-track, which is in an emergency - has a strategic significance for our country. It will open up new opportunities for using its transit potential, namely, transportation in the directions of Western and Central Europe, as it is located in the direction of the Fifth Cretan International Transport Corridor, which runs through Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The manufacturer of Self-Reacting Tunnel Formwork is a world-known Italian company CIFA, which is already over 85 years is one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture of formwork and tunnel construction equipment.
CIFA Technologies are successfully applied worldwide.

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