The “spider” line of industrial aerial platforms has propelled Platform Basket to the forefront as one of the top companies in the international aerial platform market. Platform Basket spider lifts are aerial work platforms featuring extendible tracks and simple, intuitive controls. They can reach different working heights ranging from 12 to 45 metres. Tracked spiders are extremely safe to use and offer operators a high level of comfort. In addition, their robust stabilizers deliver complete safety and stability during operations at a height.

Spider lifts are offered in three versions: standard, electric and HYBRID. In addition, in its pursuit for more eco-friendly solutions, Platform Basket has decided to also offer electric power with lithium-ion batteries, in place of the more common lead batteries.
In addition to the obvious benefits for the environment, this new source of power brings other advantages in terms of reduced weight, reduced noise pollution, longer life and energy savings.

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