BLEND PLANTS (Italy) has been developing and manufacturing stationary and mobile concrete plants for more than 30 years. BLEND PLANTS products are well known both in Europe and around the world.

BLEND asphalt concrete plants (Italy) are universal in terms of their use - they produce various mortars, including concrete, cold asphalt, cement mixtures, fiber concrete and others; can work stationary with a drive from an electric or diesel engine, can be installed on railway platforms, semi-trailers, trucks with a drive of the power take-off shaft of a car chassis.

Quality, reliability, innovation are BLEND concrete plants.

Aggregates3.5 m35 m310 m312 m3
Cement1.1 m32.3 m33.2 m33.2 m3
Water550 l1500/3000 l (opt.)2000/4000 l (opt.)2000/4000 l (opt.)
Emulsions300 l (opt.)300 l (opt.)600 l (opt.)600 l (opt.)
Admixtures3pcs. x 42 l (opt.)3pcs. x 42 l (opt.)3pcs. x 42 l (opt.)3pcs. x 42 l (opt.)
Power25 kWPTO37 kWPTO37 kWPTO37 kWPTO
Output≤35 m3/h≤50 m3/h≤70 m3/h≤50 m3/h≤70 m3/h≤50 m3/h≤70 m3/h
Net weight1750 kg1350 kg2800 kg2300 kg3100 kg2600 kg3300 kg2800 kg
Dimensions5.298 x 2.080 x
2.625 m
4.600 x 1.930 x
2.250 m
5.900 x 2.300 x
2.250 m
6.400 x 2.450 x
2.250 m

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