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Stationary, mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND produces certified concrete, cement mixes, cold asphalt

Stationary, mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND (Italy) is a plant for the production of concrete, cement mixes and cold asphalt, total 10 m3.

This is an excellent choice - the E050 concrete plant produces one batch of materials, one and a half times more concrete than the largest drum mixers.

Concrete plant E050 BLEND is demanded both for small private construction projects, and for providing concrete mixes of large projects.

Asphalt concrete plant E050 BLEND is the best model in the line of stationary and mobile concrete plants BLEND (Italy).

Stationary, mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND (Italy) produces:

Concrete, concrete mixes, cold asphalt, cement mortars, fiber-reinforced concrete, screed, mortar, soil consolidation.
• Performance: up to 50 m3/h (mixer with PTO up to 70 m3/h)
• Total volume of fillers: 10 m3
• Cement: 3500 kg

The design of concrete plant E050 allows the rational use of materials.
All the ingredients for the production of concrete are contained in different compartments, so they are mixed and dosed strictly as needed. When mixing directly on site, there is no need to wait for concrete delivery. The number of mixtures produced always meets the needs, there are no additional costs for the excess of the final product.

Asphalt concrete plant E050 BLEND can be delivered to the client by truck, on a trailer, as a stationary option or mounted on a railway platform.

Stationary installation of the concrete plant E050 BLEND has its undeniable advantages. It is much cheaper than the truck mounted track option. It is also quite easy to transport from object to object. And less demanding in operation.

A computer system provides fully automatic production with simple and intuitive software. The computer controls the weighing of cement and filler, the dosage of water and additives.

The ingredients are dosed automatically into a single-row tape mixer in accordance with the recipe. 40 recipes for concrete mixtures can be loaded into the computer’s memory using the USB interface.

Thanks to the automatic control system, the E050 asphalt concrete plant produces certified concrete with accuracy ±1%.
Constant monitoring of the production and flow of concrete is carried out using sensors.

All ingredients are connected by a horizontal continuous mixer, which delivers the finished product to the conveyor belt. Concrete production can be varied up to 50 m3/h, (with a mixer with PTO up to 70 m3/h).

The E025 concrete plant installed on a truck can produce concrete or asphalt while driving, which is especially convenient when repairing roads. And with the help of a conveyor belt, you can quickly and as accurately as possible distribute finished mixes or asphalt. The mobile concrete plant E025 is a paver with a sufficient working volume.

Characteristics of the concrete plant E050 BLEND

Tank for Aggregates 10 m3
Tank for Cement 3.2 m3
Tank for Water 2000 l / 4000 l (optional)
Tank for Emulsions 600 l (option)
Additional tanks for additives up to 3 pcs. x 42 l (option)
Plant dimensions 5,900 (L) x 2,300 (W) x 2,250 (H) m
Independent engine power (diesel / electro) 37 kW
 - when working from an independent engine
 - when working from a power take-off shaft
    car chassis
≤ 50 m3
≤ 70 m3
Weight with independent engine 3100 kg
Weight without engine 2600 kg

The E050 BLEND concrete plant can be delivered as a stationary installation on poles.
Installation on a railway platform is possible for the repair of railway tracks, the subway, as well as the stations.
• Except for the truck, concrete plant E050 can be mounted on a trailer.

Features of the mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND

- Mixer drive of the concrete plant E050, manufactured in 2 versions
A separate diesel (electric) engine with a power of 37 kW or PTO (power take-off shaft from the main engine). In the case of a separate engine, the performance is 50 m3/h, while using PTO - 70 m3/h.

- 3 meter telescopic conveyor belt with a hydraulic drive for feeding solutions or materials. It can be equipped with a hydraulic pump for supplying solutions over significant distances, including to the upper floors.

- Fixed and mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND is operated by one operator. The mixer and conveyor belt are cleaned automatically; only 70 liters of water are required to flush the assemblies.

Applications for the E050 BLEND asphalt concrete plant

  • Housing and industrial construction, repair of roads and infrastructure.
  • Pouring foundations, floors, formwork, concrete structures.
  • Repair of road surfaces, repair of asphalt after laying pipes and communications.
  • Transporting sand or gravel to backfill pits before laying asphalt.
  • Construction of roads, laying of asphalt in a cold way, sidewalks, soil consolidation.
  • Laying and repair of railways, work on laying rails in the subway.
  • Repair of tunnels, bridges, work at railway stations.
  • On-site production of asphalt during cold repair of pavement.
  • Production of concrete blocks. The technology recycling is especially beneficial when pre-crushed concrete waste from old structures is used as a filler (which occupies 80% of the volume).
  • Regeneration of asphalt, bitumen coatings. To reduce costs, reuse pre-ground asphalt to repair sidewalks, roads, and porches with medium traffic.
  • Strengthening soils to counteract shedding and corrosion.

Economic benefits of the E050 BLEND concrete plant

The production of concrete and cement mixes at the construction site has several significant advantages. When a large quantity of concrete is required, it is much easier to produce it locally than to purchase and transport from a third-party supplier.

Modern construction is reinforced concrete structures, so the timely delivery of a sufficient number of concrete mixtures is difficult to overestimate.
To produce concrete at the construction site is a rational and modern approach. In this case, there is no dependence on the supplier, logistics costs are reduced, and there is no downtime.
Time is saved, and therefore money.

Stationary and mobile concrete plant E050 allows you to optimize the properties of concrete and, if necessary, quickly change the characteristics by varying additives. In addition, this economical waste-free production - concrete is produced exactly as much as is necessary at the moment.

You get certified concrete at the best price, whose quality is electronically controlled.

In addition, if fractions of old crushed concrete structures are used instead of natural gravel, this allows to save up to 25% of concrete cost.

The mobile concrete plant E050 allows you to move from object to object on your own, there is no additional installation work. The installation is immediately ready for use.
The stationary E050 installation can also be moved quite easily to a new location.

Multi-function concrete plant E050

Numerous scenarios for using the E050 concrete plant allow you to perform a wide range of tasks.

The main advantage of this installation is that concrete production and unloading are possible almost everywhere. Providing concrete for large-scale construction projects, transporting mortars with a pump to the upper floors in urban areas, delivering a consignment of concrete to a remote rural area, strengthening soil to prevent shedding and corrosion are tasks that the E050 installation can easily handle.

E050 BLEND mobile installation is ideal for laying cold asphalt or repairing pavement. The production of asphalt at the site of road works also greatly optimizes the process.
Thanks to the conveyor belt, the E050 performs the function of paver, distributing asphalt and concrete in motion.

Using concrete plant E050 BLEND it is possible to produce building concrete blocks. For this, secondary concrete waste from the demolition of buildings or structures is used. Recycling - this technology, which is becoming more and more popular today, because in the urban area demolition of old buildings and the removal of construction waste are a real problem.

The E050 mobile unit contains a significant amount of compartments that can be used to transport sand to fill road pits or fill paving sand.

The E050 BLEND concrete plant installed on a railway platform is a convenient source of concrete for rail laying, railway construction, and metro construction. These installations proved to be excellent during the construction and repair of the London Underground.

Different usage scenarios allow you to quickly recover asphalt concrete plant E050 BLEND.

Complete with optional accessories, such as remote control, swivel telescopic conveyor belt, remote control conveyor belt, pump for supplying solutions and much more. A wide selection of accessories allows you to equip the standard model with features that meet your requirements.
Individual assembly enhances operator comfort and expands production capabilities.

The E050 BLEND asphalt concrete plant is a multi-functional innovative concrete technology that produces certified concrete and asphalt. Due to the significant volume of filler tanks, the E050 is ready to independently solve a wide range of tasks.

This is a real concrete plant and with continuous supply of materials it is able to provide concrete with the largest scale construction.

You can buy a stationary or mobile concrete plant E050 BLEND or get technical advice by contacting «Interbudtechnica».

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