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Stationary, mobile concrete plant E015 BLEND produces concrete, mortar, asphalt and cement mixtures

Asphalt concrete plant E015 BLEND (Italy) continuous - concrete mini plant has 40 automatic programs fully controlled by a computer control system. This allows certified certified concrete to be of excellent quality.

Concrete plant E015 the most compact of the line of stationary and mobile concrete plants BLEND (Italy).

Concrete plant E015 BLEND (Italy) produces

Concrete, mortar, colored cement, cold asphalt, soil consolidation, screed, fiber-reinforced concrete.
• Productivity: from 5 to 35 m3/h.
• Total volume: 3.5 m3.

Thanks to the construction of 3 independent compartments: for aggregates, cement and a water tank - concrete plant E015 BLEND produces exactly as much concrete or asphalt as needed.

Constant weighing of ingredients, dosing of additives and water are automatically carried out.

A horizontal continuous mixer connects all the ingredients and delivers the solution at a given speed to the conveyor belt.
Mini concrete plant is operated by a single operator.

The washing process is automated - cleaning the mixer and conveyor belt with a minimum water consumption.

The E015 BLEND concrete plant can be delivered as a fixed installation.

The stationary installation of the E015 BLEND asphalt concrete plant is much cheaper than the option mounted on the chassis of an off-road vehicle. The stationary version of the concrete plant E015 BLEND is lightweight and easy to transport from site to site.

Characteristics of the mini concrete plant E015 BLEND

Tank for Aggregates 3.5 m3
Tank for Cement 1.1 m3
Tank for Water 550 l
Tank for Emulsions 300 l (option)
Additional tanks for additives up to 3 pcs. x 42 l (option)
Plant dimensions 4,600 (L) x 1,9300 (W) x 2,250 (H) m
Dimensions cars 5.2958 (L) x 2.080 (W) x 2.625 (H) m
Diesel engine auto PERKINS 1104 Series
Maximum power 62.5 kW (84 h.p.)
Maximum gross car weight 5200 kg
Independent engine power (diesel / electro) 25 kW
 - when working from an independent engine
 - when working from a power take-off shaft
    car chassis
≤ 35 m3
≤ 35 m3
Weight with independent engine 1750 kg
Weight without engine 1350 kg

Stationary installation of concrete plant E015 BLEND on poles - the most attractive option for the price.
Mobile concrete plant E015 BLEND produces concrete or asphalt while driving. Despite the small dimensions of the installation, the performance of asphalt concrete plant with the adjusted supply of consumables is quite high. This is a maneuverable paver.
• Installation on truck or trailer is possible.
• It is possible to install E015 on rail platform.

Features of the mobile concrete plant E015 4x4 BLEND

- Off-road vehicle 4×4 - four-wheel steering
Mobile concrete plant E015 is installed on a off-road vehicle - 4x4 wheel drive, has increased cross-country ability, small dimensions and weight.

The control is carried out using a sensitive power steering with double shift on 4 wheels. There is a steering selector for: 2 wheels or 4 wheels - «crab stroke».

Manual gearbox with electro-hydraulic control for «working speed» and «driving speed».

- Mixer drive of a concrete plant, manufactured in 2 versions
Separate diesel (electric) engine with a power of 25 kW or PTO (Power take-off shaft from the main engine).

Applications for the E015 BLEND asphalt concrete plant

  • Construction of residential buildings, infrastructure, concrete structures.
  • Cottage construction, pouring foundations, formwork, reinforced concrete structures.
  • Construction and repair of roads, laying of cold asphalt, soil consolidation.
  • Repair of railways, concreting of rails, work in the subway.
  • Construction of bridges, tunnels, moorings.
  • Production of concrete blocks of any size, including from recycled concrete waste, which must first be crushed - using the technology recycling.
  • Regeneration of asphalt, bitumen coatings. Recycling of asphalt and bitumen fractions after preliminary grinding allows repairing asphalt pavement, reducing costs.

Economic benefits of E015 BLEND concrete plant

The use of concrete plant E015 BLEND in construction can optimize the work with concrete. No dependency on a third party concrete supplier. No concrete transportation over long distances. No transportation delays or downtime. Significant time is saved, labor resources, the quality of concrete mixtures does not suffer.

You yourself control the quality of concrete or mortar. For inaccessible places or areas - this is the most reasonable solution.

There is no cost overrun - this is economical waste-free production.
Saving money through on-site production, reducing logistics costs.

Reliability and excellent quality, electronically controlled - certified concrete at the lowest price.

The possibility of using recycled concrete waste instead of natural gravel is provided by the E015 BLEND concrete plant. Recycling of crushed concrete structures - gives economic benefits up to 25% of the cost of concrete.

When repairing asphalt surfaces, it is also possible to reuse crushed fractions of asphalt - for roads with moderate traffic or pedestrian walkways.

The versatility and versatility of the E015 concrete plant

Mini concrete plant E015 is fully controlled by a computer system that allows you to create and store 40 different technological recipes for the production of concrete, mortar, cementitious mixtures with the necessary additives. Data is simply downloaded via a USB port, making the process as fast as possible.

Mobile installation E015 BLEND is ideal for laying cold asphalt, repairing coatings after replacing pipes or communications. E015 BLEND is small-sized and easily passes into narrow city courtyards, fenced spaces, impassable places.

The maneuverability and small dimensions of the E015 BLEND asphalt plant are ideal for narrow city streets, in cases where the passage and placement of bulky equipment is difficult. With the functions of paver, the E015 BLEND accurately unloads asphalt and concrete.

Concrete plant E015 BLEND can be used to produce concrete blocks of any shape and size. For such production, secondary concrete waste from the demolition of buildings or structures can be used.

Simple and easy operation of the mobile concrete plant E015 4x4 BLEND

The mobile asphalt concrete plant E015, mounted on the chassis of an off-road vehicle, has a driver’s seat with a dashboard and steering wheel, which can turn 90°, which allows for more accurate unloading of material during movement. Operating as a paver, the E015 reduces the time and effort to distribute the finished material.

Thoughtful usability allows one person to manage all the processes of concrete production.
Telescopic conveyor belt with a rotating feed tray expands the work area.
The computer system performs automatic washing, cleaning of the mixer and conveyor belt, simplifying maintenance as much as possible.

Asphalt concrete plant E015 BLEND - produces certified concrete excellent quality. The convenience of controlling one operator, multiple use cases, automation of many processes, makes concrete plant E015 BLEND unique in this class of concrete equipment.

You can buy concrete plant E015 BLEND or get technical advice by contacting «Interbudtechnica».

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