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Concrete conveyor belt TS13v2 Theam

Manufacturer: Theam (France)
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TS13v2 Theam telescopic conveyor belt for concrete - 13 meters steel

Conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete TS13v2 Theam - steel telescopic structure, transports concrete to a distance of 13 meters.
Has a 2nd telescopic element 3 m long.

Conveyor belt for concrete TS13v2 - THEAM (France)

• Transportation distance: from 9.2 to 12.2 m
• Telescope - 2nd element 3 m
• Tape width: 360 mm
• Productivity: 70 m3/h
• Rotation angle: 310°
• Weight: 2040 kg
• Steel construction
• Additional proportional hydraulics
• Without stabilizers
Concrete conveyor belt TS13v2 Theam

- Increased Flexibility and Ease of Management
A telescope 3 m long of the second section allows you to get a transportation distance of 13 m.
The stiffness in movements is reduced, the operator avoids unnecessary entries / exits from the cab.
Radio remote control.

- Multifunctionality
Various applications - pouring foundations, plates, walls, formwork.
Anti-segregation system, compatible with all types of plasticity of concrete.
Conveyor belt TS13v2 can supply any kind of concrete mix or gravel.

- Optional equipment
Controlling the conveyor using a remote control.
Raise the conveyor UP/Down using the remote control.
High voltage line detector.
High pressure washer.

TS13v2 concrete conveyor belt is very flexible and easy to operate, well suited for work on complex construction sites.

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