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Concrete conveyor belt T3D16 Theam

Manufacturer: Theam (France)
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Telescopic conveyor belt for concrete T3D16 Theam - 15.8 meters steel

Conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete T3D16 Theam - with a rotating trough transports concrete to a distance of 15.8 meters - without dead zones!
The second telescopic section is 4 m long. Many standard options include a double rubber hopper, 3D cuff, trench extension, proportional distributor.

Concrete conveyor belt TD16.5 - THEAM (France)

• Transportation distance: from 6.3 to 15.8 m
• Telescope - 2nd element 4 m
• Tape width: 360 mm
• Productivity: 70 m3/h
• Rotation angle: 310°
• Weight: 2970 kg
• Max. dumping height: 7 m
• Steel construction
• Proportional hydraulics
• Stabilizers
Concrete conveyor belt T3D16 Theam

- Versatility of use
Patented radio-controlled movement system, 360° continuous rotation.
Telescopic second section 4 m long.
The 3D extension of the gutter is ideal for wall work.
Good visibility, the operator avoids unnecessary entries / exits from the cab.

- High-quality transportation and ease of operation
It can deliver any type of concrete, gravel, and other bulk materials.
Sliding system to prevent concrete segregation.
Quick opening casing for cleaning.
Operation with the remote control.

- Optional equipment:
Controlling the conveyor using a remote control.
Raise the conveyor UP/Down using the remote control.
High voltage line detector.
High pressure washer.

Conveyor belt for concrete T3D16 - delivery to corners, behind obstacles, to the second floor. Universal conveyor with 3D trough extension - no dead spots! Multi-tasking use.

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