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Concrete conveyor belt PR12 Theam

Manufacturer: Theam (France)
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Concrete conveyor belt PR12 Theam - 12 meters steel

Conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete PR12 Theam - a simple steel structure, transporting concrete to a distance of 12 meters.

Concrete conveyor belt PR12 - THEAM (France)

• Transportation distance: from 11.2 to 12.2 m
• Tape width: 360 mm
• Productivity: 70 m3/h
• Rotation angle: 310°
• Weight: 1850 kg
• Steel construction
• Without stabilizers
Concrete conveyor belt PR12 Theam

- Economic Benefits
The conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete PR12 has an attractive price and is economical.
Theam Concrete Dispenser PR12 Theam is standard equipment that can significantly reduce maintenance costs.
Labor saving: only one driver is needed for transporting and laying concrete.
Time saving: no stabilizer, quick installation of equipment.
The conveyor belt PR12 Theam can be installed on an old concrete mixer.

- Versatility of use
The conveyor system of the belt is compatible with all types of plasticity of concrete.
A variety of application scenarios - foundations, floor slabs, walls and the like.
Transportation of various types of materials - sand, gravel, concrete.
Optional sliding system to prevent concrete segregation.

- Optional equipment:
Controlling the conveyor using a remote control.
Raise the conveyor UP/Down using the remote control.
High voltage line detector.
High pressure washer.

Conveyor belt for concrete PR12 Theam - light and easy to use, has a very attractive price.

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