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Concrete conveyor belt TDL16.5 Theme

Manufacturer: Theam (France)
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Telescopic conveyor belt for concrete TDL16.5 Theam - 16.7 meters aluminum

Conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete TDL16.5 Theam - aluminum telescopic construction, transporting concrete to a distance of 16.7 meters. It has two telescopic elements with a length of 3.5 m and 1.8 m. Lightweight design provides increased stability of the movement of the tape and maximum coverage.

Concrete conveyor belt TDL16.5 - THEAM (France)

• Transportation distance: 10.7 to 16.7 m
• Telescope - 2nd element: 3.5 m
• Telescope - 3rd element: 1.8 m
• Tape width: 360 mm
• Productivity: 70 m3/h
• Rotation angle: 310°
• Weight: 2800 kg
• Max. dumping height: 9.5 m
• Aluminum construction
• Proportional hydraulics
• Stabilizers
Concrete conveyor belt TDL16.5 Theam
- High quality transportation
Anti-segregation transportation system, compatible with all types of plasticity of concrete.
TDL16.5 conveyor belt can transport any kind of concrete or gravel, even to the second floor.
Proportional radio control that provides smooth and accurate movement.

- Increased Security
The 500 kg light weight that is distributed throughout the boom (compared to TD16.5 conveyor belt - steel structure) gives tangible belt movement stability.
The hinge and boom lock system reduces unwanted movement during transport.

- Additional options
Controlling the conveyor using a remote control.
Raise the conveyor UP/Down using the remote control.
High voltage line detector.
High pressure washer.

Conveyor belt for concrete TLD16.5, due to its lightweight design, has increased stability of movement of the belt. Convenient radio controls and enhanced security.

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