Mini crane SPX532 - Jekko

Jekko SPX532 mini crane - a multifunctional mini spider crane for lifting loads up to 3200 kg

SPX532 Jekko Mini Crane - this is a new generation crane with the highest level of performance. The convenience of controlling the mini crane SPX53 has been taken to a new level. It is also equipped with the most advanced stabilization system and protection against overturning.

The SPX532 Jekko self-propelled mini crane is mini spider crane on tracks that can be extended, a novelty in the Jekko mini crane with outrigers.

Mini crane spider SPX532 Jekko

• Maximum load capacity - 3.2 tons
• Maximum working height - 17.3 meters
• Range of extension of a boom is 2,7 - 15,5 meters
• Dimensions - 3.12 m (L) x 0.77 m (W) x 1.95 m (H)
• The weight of a mini crane is 2.35 tons
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

It is an ideal indoor crane, it can pass through a doorway when folded.

A distinctive feature of this model of the crane SPX532, is the version with a fully lithium-battery electric motor.

Also available option with diesel engine.

The crane control also acquired new functions: a more convenient interface for simple and intuitive control, as well as automation and fast functions for standard simple operations.

This mini crane has all the advantages of earlier models and is improved to perform a number of more complex tasks in confined spaces.

Technological solutions Jekko companies that are used in this mini-crane allow solving seemingly impossible tasks of lifting and moving any cargo.

It can be used for work in premises, on the sites of buildings already erected, and can also be used for pipe laying and glazing works.

Moreover, you can add some functions of the crane, just for your needs.

  • Additional jib to extend the boom.
  • Built-in radio-controlled hydraulic jib.
  • Remote control to make the operator’s work as convenient as possible.
  • White rubber tracks (non-marking) for indoor crane operation.
  • Additional hydraulic features for accessories.
  • Individual color of painting, choice of engine or crane configuration.

Specifications of the SPX532 Jekko mini crane

Two boom modes - hook and pulley
- The mini crane boom can operate in pulley mode or hook mode.

Outriggers - two positions
- Mini-crane outriggers can be fixed in two positions.

GSC stability control system
- The geometric stability control system controls the position of each outrigger and the stabilization area as a whole.

Winner with 2-speed torsos
- 60 meters of cables of the main winch can operate in two speed modes.

Capture for pipes and glass
- Hydraulic vacuum gripping manipulator for glass, double-glazed windows or flat surfaces.
- Hydraulic manipulator for pipes.
- Manipulator for beams.

CCI Lock System
- System of blocking of the crane and movement at potentially dangerous situations.

Electronic LMI (Load Moment Indicator)
- LMI system prevents overloading or overturning of the crane.
- Automatic control of the stability of the crane.
- Function Plug & Play - automatic troubleshooting.

Electrical Power Supply
- Single-phase or three-phase electric motor for indoor crane operation.

Jemmy software
- Special software that controls all functions of the machine.

SPX532 Jekko Mini Spider Crane Specifications

Mini crane SPX532 Jekko Parameter value
Dimensions 3150 x 780 x 1950 mm
Stabilization Area 3750 x 3750 mm
Crane weight 2350 kg
Counterweight 170 kg
Engine KUBOTA D902-E4B
Diesel Fuel Yes
Liquid Cooling Yes
Power 16.1 kW (22 hp)
Main Winch 800kg, 60m-Ø 7mm
Max Outrigger Load 3000 kg
Max Track Load 0.63 kg/cm 2
Travel Speed 2.7 km/h
Extendable Tracks 770-1050 mm
Gradeability 20°

If you are interested in the mini SPX532 Jekko crane with electric motor, we draw your attention to the advantages of lithium batteries compared to the standard ones:

1) Increase the useful life of the battery (8-10 times longer).
2) Fast charging time after discharge (up to three times faster).
3) Lithium batteries allow you to work at maximum power for the entire lifetime (alkaline batteries lose charge when the charge is reduced).
4) Lower maintenance costs.
5) When using a crane, lithium batteries last three times longer than lead-acid batteries.

Special attention was paid to improving performance when developing mini crane SPX532 Jekko environmental friendliness and stabilization system of the crane.
This allows you to carry out lifting work in areas narrow places where it is impossible to place other heavy equipment.

Mini crane SPX532 Jekko is a crane of a new generation that you can buy in Ukraine from an official representative - «Interbudtechnica» company.

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