Mini crane SPX1280 - Jekko

Mini crane SPX1280 Jekko - construction crane spider with a capacity of 8 tons

Self-propelled telescopic mini SPX1280 Jekko crane with outriggers is a spider crane with a reduced stabilization zone and a maximum working height of 27.5 m.

Crane manipulator SPX1280 Jekko has unique technical characteristics - this mini crane has no analogues on the market in this segment of construction cranes.

This crane is a new development of Jekko innovative mini crane production company and was presented at the largest International Construction Exhibition BAUMA 2019.

Jekko SPX1280 Mini Crane Self-Propelled

• Maximum load capacity - 8 tons
• Maximum working height - 27.5 meters
• Range of extension of boom 4,9-17,7 meters
• Loading capacity in motion Pick&Carry - 2 tons
• Dimensions - 5.73 m (D) x 1.45 m (W) x 2.04 m (H)
• The weight of a mini construction crane is 7 tons
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

It is the most load-bearing in its functionality 8 t mini-crane in the Jekko self-propelled mini-crane line (Italy).

Features of the mini crane SPX1280 Jekko

Three boom modes - 800 kg hooks and pulley
- The mini crane boom can operate in the mechanical, hydraulic pulley mode or in the hook mode - 800 kg.

Pipe handler
- Hydraulic manipulator for pipes and beams with a carrying capacity of 300 kg.

Pick&Carry function
- Pick&Carry function - 2 tons of rotating capacity at 360°.

Retractable Tracks
- Independent retractable tracks for improved maneuverability and 360° rotation.

KUBOTA diesel engine
- Economical 3-piston diesel engine that reduces fuel costs.

External power supply
- Three-phase external power supply for indoor crane operation.

Remote Control Panel
- The remote control panel with the electronic display allows to carry out radio control both a boom, and movement of the crane.

Electronic LMI (Load Moment Indicator)
- LMI system prevents overloading or overturning of the crane.
- Automatic control of the stability of the crane.
- Function Plug&Play - automatic troubleshooting.
- Compliance with safety requirements EN13000.

VW ("Virtual Wall") function
 You can set the range of movement of the boom to avoid collisions and damage in confined spaces of the building site or premises.

Mobile construction crane - application area

Mobile mini crane is able to solve a wide range of tasks on the movement of goods through controlled hydraulic nozzles. Moving all kinds of cargo, pipes, beams - these are the tasks that this construction crane can easily handle.

Mini crane spider Jekko SPX1280 provides significant advantages in the field of low-rise construction, work in places where it is impossible to place large-sized construction equipment.

Thanks to an independent electric motor, it can work indoors. Impressive load capacity up to 8 tons, with modest dimensions.
Caterpillar increases the crane’s throughput, while outriggers with a counterweight allow it to lift seemingly impossible weights for such a compact crane.

SPX1280 Jekko Mini Crane Specifications

Mini Crane SPX1280 Jekko Parameter Value
Dimensions 5730 x 1450 x 2040 mm
Stabilization area with open outriggers 4600 x 4600 mm
Crane weight 7 tons
Counterweight 1.5 tons
Engine KUBOTA V1505-E3B
Diesel Fuel Yes
Liquid Cooling Yes
Power 26.2 kW (35 Hp)
Main Winch 1500kg, 125m-Ø 10mm, 63.8-115.1 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 6800 kg
Max Track Load 0.72 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 1.5/3.0 km/h
Gradeability 20°
Extendable Tracks 1450-2050 mm

Load capacity 8 tons mini crane SPX1280 Jekko with modest dimensions make this crane out of competition, in the class of construction cranes.

The crane SPX1280 Jekko is a new development by Jekko and was presented at the largest international building exhibition BAUMA 2019.
Now this mini crane can be purchased in Ukraine.

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