Mini crane SPX424 - Jekko

Mini SPX424 Jekko crane - compact mini spider crane for lifting loads up to 2400 kg

Mini crane SPX424 Jekko - this crane is the flagship of the line Jekko mini cranes with outriggers. This compact spider crane SPX424 is one of the best selling and most popular on the market.

An innovative, reliable and high-tech mini crane SPX424 Jekko is designed to perform all the basic basic functions for lifting and moving goods in a wide variety of conditions - in the premises, on the floors of buildings, passages, in hard-to-reach places. The vacuum manipulator for glass allows you to expand the functionality of the mini crane and use it for glazing buildings.

Mini crane spider SPX424 Jekko

• Max. load capacity - 2.4 tons
• Max. working height - 15 meters
• Max. working radius - 11.9 meters
• Range of extension boom - 2,6 - 8,5 m
• Dimensions - 3.15(L) x 0.78(W) x 1.95(H) m
• The weight of a mini crane - 2.08 tons
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

You can choose a complete set of mini crane SPX424 Jekko with diesel engine model CDH or with electric motor model C + on a lithium battery.

Parameters mini crane SPX424 Jekko allow you to perform most of the standard tasks on the construction site, as well as effectively perform lifting work indoors.

The crane does not require a long setup and is ready to work in minutes.
This saves time and money, as well as a high level of safety for lifting operations.

This mini crawler crane with outriggers, in addition, the tracks of this crane can be extended, increasing the stability of the crane.

The crane SPX424 Jekko is designed so that in the assembled state to pass through the doorway.

The mini crane software controls all machine functions, provides continuous monitoring of crane stability and blocks dangerous operations or overload.

Convenient intuitive control interface makes the operator’s work as easy and safe as possible.

This mini SPX424 crane is a new model of Jekko company, it is enhanced to perform complex tasks in rooms, narrow and confined spaces.

Specifications of the SPX424 Jekko mini crane

Two boom modes - hook and pulley
- The mini crane boom can operate in pulley mode or hook mode.

Outriggers - two positions
- Mini crane outriggers can be fixed in various positions and angles. This makes it possible to work in very narrow places where the placement of other lifting equipment is not possible.

Stability control system
- The geometric stability control system controls the position of each outrigger and the stabilization area as a whole. Working zones are visually displayed on the screen and marked with color: green - 100%, yellow - 50%, red - 0%.

Glass gripping arms
- The mini crane can be equipped with additional accessories that significantly expand the functionality: three different jibs, two manipulators for glass, pipe manipulator, hydraulic fork.
The client chooses a package for his tasks.

Automatic recognition of accessories
All accessories and additional tools are integrated with the faucet. They are immediately recognized by the software and controlled by a single radio remote control.

SPX424 Jekko Mini Spider Crane Specifications

Mini Crane SPX424 Jekko Parameter Value
Dimensions 3150 x 780 x 1950 mm
Stabilization Area 3750 x 3750 mm
Crane Weight 2080 kg
Engine KUBOTA D722-E3B
Diesel Fuel Yes
Liquid Cooling Yes
Power 14.9 kW (20 hp)
Electrical System (C+) 46V, 240 A·h
Power 24V-3F, 4kWт, (5,5 Hp)
Main Winch 800kg, 73m-Ø 7mm
Max Outrigger Load 2200 kg
Max Track Load 0.55 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 1.8(CDH) /0.72(C+) km/h
Extendable Tracks 770-1100 mm
Gradeability 20°

If you are interested in the model mini crane SPX424C + Jekko with electric motor, we would like to draw your attention to the advantages crane for indoor use - no harmful emissions, the engine is much quieter. In addition, lithium batteries allow you to operate at maximum power throughout the entire cycle without losing power when the charge decreases.

Mini SPX424 Jekko crane is a modern crane, reliable and technologically advanced, designed to solve lifting tasks in a wide variety of conditions. A compact crane transformer that goes through the doorway, it works on ceilings and in the most inaccessible places. Everything makes the SPX424 Jekko the leader in this class of mini cranes.

Crane spider SPX424 Jekko is a crane of a new generation that you can buy in Ukraine from an official representative - «Interbudtechnica» company.

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