Concrete conveyor belt TS15 Theam

Telescopic conveyor belt for concrete TS15 Theam - 15 meters steel

TS15 Theam conveyor (conveyor) belt for concrete - steel telescopic structure, transporting concrete to a distance of 15 meters. Has a 2nd telescopic element 4 m long.

Conveyor belt for concrete TS15 - THEAM (France)

• Transportation distance: 10.1 to 15.1 m
• Telescope - 2nd element 4 m
• Tape width: 360 mm
• Productivity: 70 m3/h
• Rotation angle: 310°
• Weight: 2850 kg
• Steel construction
• Proportional hydraulic stabilizers

- Convenience and flexibility

  • A telescope of 4 m in the second section allows reaching a 15-meter range of transportation, which reduces the operator’s inputs / outputs from the cab.
  • Proportional radio control, which ensures accurate and smooth movements.

- High quality transportation

  • Anti-segregation system, compatible with all types of plasticity of concrete.
  • It can deliver any kind of concrete or gravel.
  • Various applications - pouring foundations, slabs, wall formation.

- Optional equipment

  • Controlling the conveyor using a remote control.
  • Raise the conveyor UP/Down using the remote control.
  • High voltage line detector.
  • High pressure washer.

TS15 concrete conveyor belt allows transporting concrete over a distance of 15 m, prevents concrete segregation and is easy to manage.

* Modification - model TSR15

Telescopic conveyor belt TSR15 is similar to TS15, but has 3 sections, and is specially designed so that the mechanism does not hang over the cab. The product is designed for the Scandinavian market.

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