Conveyor belts for concrete mixers manufactured by THEAM (France).

Conveyor (conveyor) belts for concrete mounted on a concrete mixer allow you to do without a concrete pump - which reduces the cost of construction costs.
French company THEAM is a world leader in the production of concrete conveyor belts.

ModelWeightConveying distanceTelescope
(2-nd section)
(3-rd section)
3D extension+
Chute extension
+ Chute
Sliding systemStabili­zers
Rotating Chute Conveyor Belts
T3D16 2970 kg 6,3 - 15,8 m4 m-4,5 mYesYes
T3D122040 kg4,8 - 12,5 m2,2 m-4,5 mYesNo
Telescopic Conveyor Belts
 TDL16.5 2800 kg10,7 - 16,7 m3,5 m1,5 m-YesYes
TD16.53200 kg10,7 - 16,7 m3,8 m1,2 m-Yes1 lateral stabilizer
TS152850 kg10,1 - 15,1 m4 m--YesYes
 TS13v2 2040 kg9,2 - 13,0 m3 m--YesNo
Simple Conveyor Belt
PR121840 kg11,2 - 12,2 m---NoNo
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