Building inclined hoist LIFT 250 COMFORT - GEDA (Germany)

Building inclined hoist GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT:

Payload 250 kg
• Lift height 13.5 m + 21 m on the roof
• Inclined electric rope hoist
• Lift powered by electricity grid - 220 V / 50 Hz
• Cargo lifting speed up to 38 m/min.
• Equipped with a universal platform for lifting loads.

Delivery time of the GEDA LIFT 250 hoist to 2 weeks.

Working lifting height of 13.5 meters, as an option it is possible to increase the working height up to 19 meters. The length of the sections on the roof 11-21 m. The total length of all sections can not exceed 40 meters.
The lift is equipped with universal platform for building materials, folding platform doors allow transporting large loads.
The hoist can be equipped with additional platforms, for example a platform for solar panels or a cross over container for concrete or other materials.

The GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT model, when assembled, is very compact, quickly and easily transported on a regular car. It is mounted without additional tools as soon as possible. For installation and operation requires a minimum of space.
Made of aluminum, the lift has a small dead weight with maximum strength and reliability.

German company GEDA a recognized European leader in this class of equipment.

Inclined hoist GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT is primarily intended for roofing in low-rise construction.

However, the scope of this lifting equipment is extremely diverse.

Application areas for the GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT

The GEDA Lift Comfort 250} building inclined hoist is designed for roofing work.
Laying tiles, slate, roofing material.
Dismantling of old tiles.
Descent down construction waste.
Fold roofing - installation, repair.
Installation of pipes, ventilation systems.
Drainage, snow protection elements.
Installation of dormer and roof windows.
Waterproofing all roof elements.
The GEDA Lift Comfort250 has a special extra platform for solar panels.
Securely holds the panel when lifting.
The installation time is significantly reduced.
Transporting double-glazed windows and balcony doors - significantly reduces the burden on personnel.
Using the elevator saves time and money, and also protects the health of employees.
Painting, repair and insulation - building facades or painting new interior spaces.
Painting works become as comfortable as possible with GEDA Lift Comfort 250.
Moving companies, lift large-sized furniture and a lot of boxes to the floors of houses of old buildings that do not have an inclined hoist - here Lift Comfort 250.
It is quickly mounted without special tools and does not require a lot of space.
Owners of restaurants, bars and hotels - delivery of barrels and boxes of food and drinks must be done every day. Moving shipments of kegs of beer and crates of bottles to the basement is ideal simply and quickly with the GEDA inclined hoist.
Joinery - assembling furniture, flooring, installing jambs and doors that support roof rafters.
Lifting the finished vulture panels to the top floor.
Fast transportation of all materials and tools to the right place.
Plumbing works are often associated with the transport of bathtubs, toilets and radiators to the upper floors. With a lift you don’t have to think about how to transport the bath through narrow stairways.
Raising drawers with tiles will also be much easier.
The construction manager has to optimize workflows. GEDA Lift Comfort 250 is a versatile tool for performing a number of routine tasks, while saving you time and money.
Optimizing lifting work with the GEDA Lift Comfort 250 - is the best solution.

Photos of work practices using GEDA »

Building hoist GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT allows you to transport any material and use a variety of operating scenarios.

Convenient, fast and reliable inclined GEDA LIFT 250 COMFORT lift saves you time and money, allowing you to significantly speed up all lifting processes.

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