The company Interbudteсhniсa (Kyiv) from 2017 is a representative of GEDA (Germany), a world-renowned manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in the field of building of hoists and winches specially developed for lifting of tile, brick, cement, mortar, glass, flat panels and other cargo; installation, disassembly and maintenance of solar panels, solar power plants using a variety of hinged equipment.

GEDA products are indispensable for roofers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, scaffold builders and all those, who need to transport the necessary materials to the construction site quickly and safely.

GEDA Hoists and winches are irreplaceable assistants in the performance of both internal and external works, reconstruction, repairment of buildings or other objects. They can be installed anywhere in the building, on scaffolding, window openings, between floors or on the roof. GEDA lifts and winches are easy to use, even in difficult conditions.

With different lifting capacity and lifting height, as well as with ability to use a wide range of practical accessories, GEDA lifts and winches will help you to make your work easy and effective!

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