Truck crane TCL 50.55 Locatelli - a new model with a load capacity of 55 tons

Italian Locatelli introduced a new model TCL 50.55 truck crane with a maximum load capacity of 55 tons. The telescopic boom of this crane, 37.3 meters long, can lift weights to a height of 41.2 m. The crane is mounted on a 4-axle truck Mercedes AROCS 3243 LK 8x4/4.

Management is carried out from the crane cabin using joysticks. Load torque indicators, overload switches, safety valves, work area monitoring - safety factors, as always, are a priority for all models Locatelli cranes.

Unlike the well-known line of rough terrain cranes Locatelli cranes of the TCL line are mounted on 3 or 4 axle trucks. This gives an advantage in traveling without special permission on public roads.

Thus, TCL 55.50 truck crane is especially useful for maintenance and repair of roads, bridges, tunnels, and roadside assistance. When the arrival time of special equipment plays an essential component.

Also, one cannot fail to mention the model TCL 40.35 from the same line of truck cranes, the presentation of which took place a year ago. TCL 40.35 truck crane has a maximum load capacity 40 tons.

It is based on a 3-axle Mercedes-Benz 6x4 truck. And it has a 32-meter telescopic boom, with a maximum lifting height of 36 meters.
H-configuration hydraulic outriggers are controlled from the cab.

TCL Series Truck Cranes - are a relatively inexpensive and powerful alternative to specialized all-terrain short-reach cranes. Due to the fact that Locatelli cranes are mounted on 3 (or 4) axle trucks, these truck cranes are more mobile. At the same time, upon arrival at the site, they are immediately ready to begin work. Thus, truck cranes are ideal for any kind of contractor.

One cannot but recall the main line of rough terrain cranes Locatelli - which is very popular both in Europe and here.

So recently, our company delivered the most top-end truck crane model Locatelli GRIL 50.45 to a leading installation and construction company in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Photo report of the delivery of Locatelli GRIL 50.45 >>

Locatelly cranes are in constant demand in the market !

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