Supply of MPK06 Jekko minipicker with glass manipulator and additional jib

Interbudtekhnika in December 2020, delivered and put into operation minipicker MPK06 Jekko (Italy) with vacuum manipulator for glass and an additional jib for company from Korosten.

We are grateful to our client for their trust in us and selection of modern lifting equipment manufactured by Jekko (Italy) !

Minipicker MPK06 manufactured by Italian company Jekko is a modern technological manipulator for panels, glass or any cargo weighing up to 600 kg.
This is the only minipicker that can work in both the manipulator with suction cups and mini-crane with hook mode.
Additional jib - further expands the capabilities of the minipicker, significantly increasing the range.

Minipicker MPK06 has a wide range of applications - industrial production, warehousing, housing construction.
Especially the MPK06 minipicker is in demand among firms engaged in manufacture and installation of double-glazed windows. The vacuum manipulator allows you to easily and safely move large glass and glass units with one operator.

This will optimize personnel costs, greatly speed up workflow and improve safety!

The «take and carry» function with a maximum payload of 600 kg allows you to move significant loads through narrow doorways. Accuracy of manipulation and ease of control allows to significantly simplify lifting work.

The minipicker can be driven directly with the convenient hand lever or with the remote.

The MPK06 minipicker does not need additional stabilization - it easily climbs up to 10° climbs with a payload.

When folded, minipicker MPK06 Jekko fits easily into a freight elevator.

Battery operation allows for completely safe indoor operation without harmful emissions.

If you also want to become the owner of this wonderful hoisting machine - please contact us soon !

We will be happy to supply you with the MPK06 Jekko minipicker too !
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