Minipiker MPK06 Jekko

Mini-crane MPK06 Jekko - self-propelled mini-picker for lifting and transporting loads up to 600 kg

Mini-picker MPK06 Jekko is fully radio-controlled, powered by batteries - all of these characteristics make it a versatile tool for working in warehouses, indoors.
The self-propelled electric mini picker is specifically designed to perform the Pick&Carry function. MPK06 Jekko Mini-Crane does not need to be stabilized and can move with a raised load, even overcoming a 10 degree rise.

It is particularly suitable for work in warehouses or in hard-to-reach places where it is necessary to move heavy loads through doors.
Despite the fact that this compact mini-piker MPK06 Jekko is a completely new model, it has become one of the best-selling in the European market.

MPK06 Jekko self-propelled mini crane (mini picker)

• Maximum carrying capacity - 600 kg
• Maximum vertical lift height - 4 m
• Maximum horizontal load displacement - 2 m
• Range of extension of the boom 1.3–2.9 meters
• The boom may deviate aside by +15°/-15°
• Dimensions of mini crane - 2.02 m (long) x 0.76 m (width) x 1.41 m (height)
• Speed - 3.8 km/h
• Mini picker weight - 555 kg
• Power supply - 2 batteries 12V, 155Ach

The innovative and reliable MPK06 Jekko mini crane

The MPK06 Jekko small-sized compact mini-piker is an ideal tool for lifting operations in hard-to-reach, narrow places where the use of other cranes is not possible.
MPK06 Jekko Mini Pickereasily passes through a standard doorway. Thanks to power supply it is irreplaceable for work in enclosed spaces.

This is the most popular and compact mini-piker in the line of Jekko cranes.

The MPK06 Jekko mini picker can be equipped with JVM06 manipulator with four suction cups for moving flat panels and loads, for carrying glass and double-glazed windows.

This mini-crane is an indispensable assistant in construction warehouses, for transporting various construction panels, for moving chipboard and MDF panels in furniture production.

Characteristics of the MPK06 Jekko self-propelled mini picker

Mini picker MPK06 Jekko Mini Crane Parameter Value
Sizes 2020 x 762 x 1412 mm
Own weight 555 kg
Counterweight 315 kg
JVM06 manipulator 50 kg
Power supply Batteries 2 x 12V, 155 Ah
Power 3 kW
Movement speed 3.8 km/h
Operating angle of the surface 10°

Jekko MPK06 Self-propelled Electric Mini Picker is an innovative mini crane for working in warehouses, furniture production, in hard-to-reach, narrow places.

The maneuverability and environmental friendliness of this mini crane on wheels makes it a versatile tool for lifting and carrying loads, various building panels, glass, moving panels in furniture production.

Specifications of a mini mobile crane for lifting and carrying MPK06 Jekko cargo can be found here:

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