Interbudtechnica at the INTER BUILD EXPO 2019 International Construction Exhibition

The company «Interbudtechnica» is a long-term participant of international and regional construction exhibitions. This year was no exception - on March 19-22, 2019 we took part in the INTER BUILD EXPO International Exhibition.


CIFA Concrete equipment

The great interest of our visitors, as always, was connected with the concrete equipment of the CIFA. Moreover, requests were received both for small portable concrete pumps and for large-scale equipment - truck mounted pumps, truck mixers and batching plants.

Spare parts and service for all sold CIFA equipment is also a question that our visitors often requested as an option. We would like to remind that Interbudtechnica is a certified dealer of all the equipment presented, in particular the Italian factory CIFA.

KLAAS trailer cranes, truck cranes, load lifters
The trailer crane K23-33 TSR-City - in a warehouse in Kyiv!

The flagship of innovative lifting equipment of the European market is the German company KLAAS - which was presented by us at this exhibition. The range of aluminum cranes, ranging from trailer mini cranes to truck cranes, for any needs and tasks (with an impressive range and load capacity) caused great interest, and showed that the request for such a equipment is huge.

The exhibition model of the K23-33 TSR-City trailer crane is in a warehouse in Kiev and anyone (for now there are several potential customers) can test the functionality of this modern construction equipment. And it is worth saying that this crane is equipped with a platform for lifting people, which turns it into a lift.

Jekko mini cranes

Another brand that caused genuine interest was Jekko mini cranes. Experienced builders, this crane reminded the old mini crane Pioneer. However, Jekko mini cranes are much more technological and multifunctional and perform a fantastic range of tasks at the construction site. Automatic self-propelled telescopic mini-cranes with outriggers, mini-cranes-manipulators with outriggers, telescopic mini-cranes with a cabin and other is an incomplete list of equipment that is continuously being improved, because the manufacturer is investing heavily in research and development.

Jekko mini cranes can easily pass through standard doors. Due to their low weight and compactness, Jekko mini cranes are used for work both on open construction sites and in closed rooms.

The Italian company Jekko offers line of models of mini-cranes equipped with a diesel engine, electric motor or rechargeable battery, as well as a wide range of vacuum tools and attachments. All attachments are fully integrated with the functions and safety system of the mini-crane.

GEDA Lift Comfort Lift

The only problem that the organizers of the exhibition could not solve was the weather. Therefore, the inclined building lift Geda Lift Comfort was demonstrated by our company in a closed pavilion. With a loading capacity of 250 kg, the working height of the presented set is 13.5 meters, as an option it is possible to increase the working height to 40 meters. The lift was demonstrated with a platform for building materials and with an additional platform for installing solar panels.

This model has aroused great interest from both construction companies and private developers. This lift is very quickly mounted and operates from 220V. The model of the lift when assembled is very compact, quickly and easily transported, and mounted without additional tools very fast.
The German company GEDA is a recognized European leader in this class of equipment.

GEDA Lift had established themselves as reliable and multifunctional assistants on the construction site. Thanks to them, the work of the personnel becomes easier, the time required to complete the work is significantly reduced, thus it is possible to safely increase the volume of work and not worry about a healthy climate at the work site.

Vacuum lifters AERO-LIFT
CLAD-BOY lift for panels in a warehouse in Kyiv!

Vacuum lift AERO-LIFTfor installation and movement of double-glazed windows attracted the attention of companies involved in glazing. Thanks to vacuum pads, glass is captured as safely, quickly and reliably as possible.
Please note that the CLAD-BOY vacuum lift for panels is in stock in Kiev and can be delivered as soon as possible!

Vacuum lifters AERO-LIFT are adapted for work at low temperatures and a special mechanism allows you to precisely manipulate the load, even in cramped spaces. Is it worth it to clarify that such technologies allow to optimize construction processes, cutting and moving, for example, metal sheets as much as possible.
Vacuum lifters for metal and wood also interested visitors of the exhibition. AERO-LIFT vacuum technology is the newest European trend to capture and move building materials, from glass panels to wood and metal, which has also entered the Ukrainian construction market.

Heavy load capacity cranes

Rough terrain cranes Locatelli, as well as self erecting tower cranes Vicario, also aroused interest among large construction companies. The lines of these cranes are very diverse and are ready to cope with an almost unlimited range of tasks.

Attached crane equipment for mounting tiles, glass, sandwich panels was also presented at our stand.

Our feelings from communication with visitors are that the construction market of Ukraine is in anticipation of positive changes, in anticipation of growth and recovery . Do not miss these trends and get ready for the new construction season with modern construction equipment, which we will gladly supply to you.
It should be noted with great satisfaction that the 4 days of the exhibition went very fruitful and interesting.

We are very grateful to all our visitors and all potential customers!

We work for you and want your business success to be multiplied by new innovative construction equipment!

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