Sectors of application and advantages of GEDA (Germany) load lifts and winches

Sectors of application and advantagues of GEDA (Germany) load lifts and winches:

The construction sector is the main area where GEDA load lifts and winches are used:

  • During installation, dismantling and repair of roofs, roofs, facades (installation and dismantling of tile, slate, roofing material, etc.) in conditions of dense urban development using a variety of accessories, which accelerates and facilitates the execution of works;
  • In residential and cottage construction (for the supply of building materials: tiles, roofing materials, bricks, slate, concrete, sandwich panels, etc.);
  • In the construction of frames, wooden, aluminum, metal structures, administrative buildings, logistics centers, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

Also, lifts and winches GEDA are widely used in the installation, disassembly and maintenance of solar panels and solar power plants;

Benefits of GEDA load lifts and winches:

- Have a wide scope of use;
- Quickly and easily mounted and disassembled;
- Do not need a lot of storage space;
- Easy for transportation.

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