Working platform of the crane K23-33 TSR-City, KLAAS (Germany)

The design solution to combine the crane with the hoist is one of those that demonstrate a deep understanding by KLAAS the tasks that you have to solve at the construction site every day.

Without any additional tools, the crane hook in a few minutes is replaced by a working platform, with which it is very convenient to perform any high-altitude work in the open space.

A few minutes and the working platform of the crane K23-33 TSR-City
is ready to go!

How it looks in practice can be seen in the video.

This radio-controlled telescopic crane will help you lift any building materials, lift people, load and unload trucks, place structural elements (for example, sip panels and roof rafters).

Trailer Crane K23-33 TSR-City saves resources and works efficiently even on complex, extremely small sites. Thanks to the stand-alone remote control, the telescopic crane is easy to operate!

This mini crane has a wide range of accessories:
- Fixed platform for lifting 2 people;
- Standard platform (mobile stand on the roof) for tiles 1350x750 mm, carrying capacity 360 kg (2 pcs.);
- Capture for the 1st row of tiles and concrete blocks, with a loading capacity of 200 kg;
- Bunker (bucket) with automatic unloading function, volume 0.5 m3, load capacity 800 kg.

The K23-33 TSR-City, KLAAS towing crane is in stock in Kyiv and can be delivered to you as quickly as possible!

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