Truck mounted crane TCL 55.50 - Locatelli

TCL 55.50 Truck Crane, Locatelli - maximum load capacity 55 tons. The telescopic boom of this crane, 37.2 meters long, can lift loads to a height of 41.2 meters. The crane is mounted on a 4-axle truck Mercedes AROCS 3243 LK 8x4/4. TCL 55.50 truck crane - a new innovative development Locatelli.

This truly powerful TCL 55.50 crane, a lower cost alternative to the specialized Locatelli rough terrain cranes. Due to the fact that the Locatelli crane is mounted on a 4-axle truck, the TCL 55.50 truck crane is more mobile. He can move without special permission on public roads.

Upon arrival, the 55.50 truck crane is immediately ready for work. This greatly expands the range of use of powerful Locatelli cranes.

TCL 55.50 truck crane has X-type outriggers. The stabilization area is 6.6 mx 6.6 m. The crane has a standard counterweight of 3.5 tons, which can be extended to 8.8 tons, thanks to the additional ballast.

All control is carried out from the crane cabin with the help of joysticks. The load torque indicator, overload switches, safety valves, work area control - these safety factors, as always, are the priority of all Locatelli cranes models.

Scope of the truck crane TCL 55.50 - Locatelli

Truly powerful TCL 55.50 crane, used in complex material handling operations at construction sites.
In addition, model TCL 55.50 is ideally suited for maintenance and overhaul of roads, bridges, tunnels, and roadside assistance. When the arrival time of special equipment and its power are significant factors.
The TCL 55.50 truck crane is an indispensable special equipment when it is necessary to constantly move the crane over objects, that is, for any kind of contract work.

Technical specifications for the TCL 55.50 truck crane - Locatelli

Capacity 50 tons CE / 55 tons @ 85%
Max boom length 37.2 m
Max boom heigth 41.2 m
No. of axles 4
Drive / steer 8x4x4
Tyres 315/70 R22.5
Engine EURO 6 - 428 HP, 2100Nm @ 1400 rpm
Speed ​​ 90 km/h
Dimensions 11.09 x 2.50 x 3.91(H) m
Total weight 32,000 kg

TCL 55.50 truck crane, Locatelli is a powerful, modern, reliable, mobile, multi-function crane. Impressive load capacity 55 tons, 360° circular working area, productivity and maneuverability, european workmanship are the competitive advantages of the TCL 55.50.

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