The KLAAS manufacturing factory of cranes held open door days on 08.11-10.11.2018 in Ascheberg (Germany)

The KLAAS cranes manufacturing plant (Germany) and its representative in Ukraine LLC Interbudtechnica thanks all our partners from Ukraine who visited the plant’s open door days (on 08.11-10.11.2018, Asheberg in northwest Germany, about an hour from Düsseldorf), where all dealers and customers from Europe were invited.

Klaas was founded in 1933 by Theodore Klaas. Like many other German companies, this is a family business operated by the Klaas families of the second and third generations.

The demand for KLAAS cranes is increasing every year throughout Europe. This is primarily due to the quality and wide range of operating possibilities of KLAAS cranes and hoists, as well as due to the tightening of operating weight standards and limited workspace.

The unique advantage of Klaas cranes and lifts is the construction of the crane and boom made of light but durable aluminum.

The various parts of the crane are cut by large laser machines, and then the parts are joined using a unique method, in which there are no welded joints, as a result, the material has a very high strength . Users of this method are also well-known companies such as Porsche and Boeing.

In all, Klaas has seven different product lines:

- trailed cranes,
- mobile truck cranes,
- furniture lifts,
- construction elevators,
- cargo platforms on the automobile chassis,
- fire trucks,
- and and accessories such as platforms for lifting people.

The production volume is about 200 lifts, 300 cranes and a number of special machines per year.

For the Ukrainian market, trailed cranes have a good potential, especially model K23-33 TSR City - available in a warehouse in Kiev, which working with a hook height of 33 m and a lifting capacity of 1500 kg, helps a lot on construction sites.

In addition, in less than 10 minutes, the operator can attach a basket, which can lift two people, control comes directly from the basket. This model is one of the few trailed cranes that are approved for passenger transport.
This crane can also be used by a wide range of accessories, such as vacuum lifters for sandwich panels, glass panels, various grippers, etc.

In general, during the Open Day, the following innovations were presented:

  • truck crane with a lifting height of up to 52 meters - model K1003;
  • An additional option to the entire line of cranes is the electric motor, which makes the cranes ecological and further expands the range of their operation — possibility to work in enclosed spaces;

The plant offers the installation of cranes on all types of European chassis: MB, MAN, Volvo, Fuso, Iveco, etc.

The compactness and lightness of the KLAAS crane construction makes it possible to install them on a 2-axis chassis, which makes automobile cranes even more mobile, easy to maintain and store.

KLAAS conducts all innovations and technological solutions using feedback from its many customers for the sake of whose needs it works.
Open days allows to constantly maintain live communication with dealers, partners, and customers for a more complete understanding of their requirements and wishes.

The company "Interbudtechnica" thanks all our clients for interest in innovative construction equipment of the company KLAAS!

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