The German manufacturer KLaas introduced the new K1003 RSX crane with a lifting platform for people

KLaas has introduced a new K1003 RSX truck crane with a work platform for lifting people!

The universal truck crane K1003 RSX KLAAS (Germany) with lifting platform 2-3 people has a maximum lifting height of up to 52.7 m and a maximum load capacity of up to 3 t (standard equipment) or 6 t (optionally). K1000 RSX can be mounted on a 2-axle or 3-axle car chassis.

Moreover, truck crane K1003 RSX has a two-part boom, whose telescoping can be simultaneous and can be carried out during operation of the crane with the remote control, the weight of the load is optimally distributed along the arrows. The truck crane K1003 RSX works efficiently even in hard-to-reach places or on complex construction sites.

The truck crane is equipped with attachments: platforms for lifting 2-3 people, grip devices (for tiles, bricks, pallets, solar panels), hooks, traverses, etc. Weight of the crane is 22 tons.

Learn more about the K1003 RSX - KLAAS truck crane >>.

Work with Klaas universal cranes, because it’s not only efficient, but also beneficial!

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