The advantages of mini-cranes Jekko (Italy)

Jekko mini cranes can perform many functions better than conventional truck cranes, tower cranes and loaders.

One Jekko mini crane will replace the mobile crane, tower crane, and loaders. Do you doubt? Let’s compare the possibilities.

JEKKO mini crane instead of truck crane

• Greater flexibility in driving and managing.
• Close positioning when lifting.
• Greater accuracy and maneuverability.
• Same performance for small loads.

JEKKO mini crane instead of tower or monorail crane

• Jekko mini crane does not require installation, it moves quickly.
• When installing glass facades, the operator does not need to insert a panel, as is the case with a monorail crane.
• Savings on workers (team is reduced by 1-2 people), lower installation and storage costs.
• The tower crane has lower sensitivity control and maneuvering.
• Installation of a tower crane is not always possible.

JEKKO mini crane instead of hydraulic crane

• Better reach capacity with obstacles.
• Greater accuracy and preciseness of movement.
• Lower operating costs.
• Low wear at higher residual value.

JEKKO mini crane instead of telescopic loader

• The compact dimensions of the Jekko mini-crane make it easy to maneuver in small spaces.
• It can work in enclosed areas with an electric motor or battery.
• Mini-crane can be placed at the very top of the building.
• Mini-crane can pass through narrow doorways.
• Better load positioning. The telescopic loader is more suitable for loading/unloading.

JEKKO mini crane instead of forklift

• The Jekko mini picker has a large loading capacity.
• Large reach (MPK50 up to 6 m in length with lifting height up to 3.5 m).
• Work through obstacles.
• Remote control, the operator has a greater overview.
• It can also work with a winch or a hoist.

Jekko mini cranes work in the most incredible conditions.

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