Starting up of the self-erecting tower crane Vicario (Italy)

At the beginning of April 2017 OOO Interbudtechnica supplied and started up self erecting crane Vicario (Italy) model OMV310, compliting the park of lifting equipment of one of its customers (Kiev city).

Technical characteristics of self erecting crane OMV310

Maximum working radius, m 29
Lifting capacity at the end of the boom, kg 900
Maximum lifting capacity, kg 3000
Height, m ​​ 20
Radius of rotation, m 2.05
Power supply 3-phase
Total power, kW 12

ADVANTAGES of Vicario (Italy) self erecting tower cranes with a lifting capacity up to 4 tons, boom length up to 45 meters and a height of 33 meters

  • Mounting the Vicario crane is safe, fast and does not require the use of a special tool
  • Radio remote control of Vicario crane gives more effective control over the movement of the load and allows one worker to perform simultaneously the functions of the driver and slinger
  • All units and assemblies are serviced in the central lower part of the Vicario crane - workers do not need to work at height
  • The site for crane does not require special preparation
  • Maneuverability. To move the crane through the construction site, it is enough a normal transport trolley
  • Energy saving
  • Some models can be mounted on a 2-axle semi-trailer.)
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