Opening of two-track railway Beskydy tunnel in the Carpathians

Recently, the opening of the new two-track Beskid Tunnel in the Carpathians was held and we are proud that «Interbudtechnica» was able to take part in implementation of such strategic project for Ukraine!

«Interbudtechnica» as the official representative of the manufacturer CIFA put CIFA Automated Self-propelled Tunnel Plank , length 12 m for the construction of Beskid Tunnel, which will open new opportunities for using the transit potential of the Ukraine, namely transportation to Western and Central Europe.

Beskydy Tunnel is part of the 5th Crete International Transport Corridor, that is connecting Ukraine with the European Union and which is passing through the territory of Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine. The launch of the new two-track tunnel will allow accelerating the speed of trains from 15-40 to 60 km / h. And the bandwidth will increase from 47 to 100 pairs of trains per day.

In addition to the tunnel formwork that was already installed and put into operation, a significant number of concrete equipment producted by CIFA was successfully used at the construction of the tunnel.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer of this concrete equipment is the world-famous Italian company CIFA, which for more than 85 years has specialized in the production of equipment, which includes all stages of the construction of tunnels, as well as develops and manufactures various types of formwork, offering unique design solutions that increase the quality and speed of construction work.

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