Open door days at the manufacturer of trailed and mobile cranes KLAAS in the city of Aschberg, Germany

Open door days at the KLAAS crane manufacturer factory!

The annual «Open Door Days» will be held at manufacturer of innovative KLAAS cranes in the city of Aschberg (Germany) - not far from the airport in Dortmund.

On behalf of the KLAAS factory, «Interbudtechnica» invites you to visit:
- OOpen Door Days - November 7 and 9, 2019;
- Attend the free workshop «Training for Crane Operators» directly at the KLAAS factory.
News on the KLAAS factory website>>

See live and select the equipment you need from the range of KLAAS cranes, cargo lifts and car lifts. And also get acquainted with the rules of their use and maintenance.

A unique offer - free training at the site of the KLAAS manufacturer in Aschberg, Germany for buyers K23-33 TSR-City, which is located in our warehouse in Kiev

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