Open door days 2019 at the KLAAS plant (Germany) - new developments and demonstration of truck cranes, mini-cranes, hoists

The company «Interbudtechnica» thanks all the business partners who visited the Open Doors Days at the KLAAS manufacturing plant in the city of Aschberg (Germany) on November 7-9, 2019 and showed a sincere interest in the modern lifting equipment of this company!
How it all happened, what equipment and new innovations were presented at this exhibition - you can find in our photo report.

Visit the KLAAS factory with us !
A video tour of the factory and factory floors is interesting !

As always, the line of KLAAS truck crane was demonstrated, which is characterized by extreme working heights, power and a well-thought-out control system - from the remote control to the attachment of accessories.

At the exhibition, new company developments were presented !

New type of mounting hook and rotatable work platform. These technological innovations greatly simplify the work, especially the installation of complex glass structures.

So a variable mounting hook, significantly expands the possibilities when working with vacuum lifts for mounting wall and roof panels, as well as large glass elements.
On the one hand, the new hook allows you to increase the length, and on the other hand, the angle of the attachment point can be adjusted and tilt up by almost 90°. Thus, even the elements that must be installed, for example, under a balcony or a roof, can be very accurately positioned during installation.

Attachments for cranes with a new mounting hook significantly simplifies and speeds up the construction process - vacuum lifts for glass or sandwich panels were also shown at the exhibition.

The second innovative development is a new rotatable platform for high-altitude work.
The HA 3/450 lifting platform can rotate 225° in both directions, reaching any position within 360°. Since the working platform is attached to the end of the boom using a telescopic connector, a flexible rotation of the basket is possible, even if you need a large reach, and the angle of the boom is quite flat. This accessory is compatible with all crane models from K900 and above.

Trailed trailer cranes were also widely presented at the exhibition. Low dead weight, economical use of fuel, the ability to work on limited sites, and on difficult soils - all this makes KLAAS mini cranes - exclusive technical means for small business and construction.

Equipped with working platforms, these cranes very quickly turn into hoists to perform high-altitude work at significant heights.

Currently, the trailer crane K23-33 TSR City is available in a warehouse in Kiev, its working height is 33 m. In addition, in less than a few minutes, the operator can attach a working platform for two people to the boom. There is also ancillary equipment: a grab for tiles or concrete blocks, as well as a hopper with automatic unloading.

You do not need to wait for the delivery of the K23-33 TSR City mini crane from Germany - you can get to work almost immediately !

For low-rise construction or moving companies engaged in relocation, Klaas trailed load lifters were introduced.

Truck and trailer load lifters KLAAS have also been widely represented by Klaas. These machines greatly facilitate the routine work of lifting goods to the upper floors and roofs. Some models of lifts can reach the 16th floor of buildings.

Klaas lifters are also used for repairs, building maintenance and construction.

Innovation, technology, ease of management and operation - all this is the main priority of modern German Klaas equipment !

We thank the company Klaas for the excellent opportunity to visit the plant and for the atmosphere of true interest in the needs of customers !

This impressive innovative technology can become your reliable assistant at the construction plant !

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