Open days at the KLAAS factory - Germany

Open Days and KLAAS factory exhibition - Germany !

Open days at the factory-producing innovative truck-mounted platforms for lifting people KLAAS in Ascheberg (Germany) - not far from the airport of Dortmund.

The company "Interbudtechnica" on behalf of the KLAAS factory (Germany) invites you to visit:
- Open days - on November 8 and 9;
- A large equipment exhibition of KLAAS (Germany) - on November 10.
Visit the KLAAS factory website>>

You can familiarize yourself with the full range of cranes, platforms for lifting goods and people, as well as familiarize yourself with the rules for their use and maintenance. For detailed information inquiry address, the contacts specified below.

A unique offer - free of charge training at the KLAAS factory site in Ascheberg, Germany for buyers of the K23-33 TSR-City Trailer Crane – available at our warehouse in Kiev.

All details by phone:
(044) 502-67-23
(050) 948-44-11

or е-mail:

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