New from Jekko 2020 - JF990 most powerful mini crane

Company Jekko introduced a new innovative mini crane JF990. This is an ambitious project in terms of productivity, innovation and modern technology.

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Impressive load capacity of 21.5 tons with traditionally small overall dimensions.
Working height of 41 meters and 38 meters of lateral working radius with a telescopic jib makes this crane a powerful all-rounder.

The hydraulic jib allows you to install any additional option. It is possible to use glass manipulator, working platform for 3 people or a cradle for 2 people. JF990 crane can use a hook or winch.

Mini crane manipulator JF990 Jekko

Typically, cranes of this class are mounted on trucks. But modern customer requirements gravitate to more productive, but compact cranes, manipulators, with an increased stabilization function. JF990 Jekko crane manipulator is the answer to these requests.

The crane is not mounted on a truck, and this positively affects the possibility of its placement in the most incredible places, in a limited space, on steep slopes.

Such a universal crane can be used in a wide variety of situations: both in standard tasks at the construction site, and in special cases of lifting in a limited space, during installation (floors, beams, mezzanines, glass and metal structures, air conditioning systems), in ports, warehouses in metallurgical industries (hot and cold rolling).

Another competitive advantage: two engines - diesel and electric motor. Depending on the situation and needs, the operator can easily switch between these modes to use the crane both indoors and outdoors.

JF990 crawler mini crane without counterweight, it can be transported by truck, the «exceptional load transport» option is not needed.

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