Magnificent Four - KLAAS Crane Rating

The manufacturing plant KLAAS (Germany) presented the rating of the customer popularity of cranes of its production

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№ 1 - K750 Klaas mobile crane - power and ease of operation

K750 Klaas truck crane with a small weight of 7.5 tons is the most optimal in its performance in the line of Klaas truck cranes.

Now, as an option, this crane, unique in its key parameters, can be equipped with a hydraulic telescopic gooseneck. This boom element can be smoothly extended using radio control. All this makes it the perfect assistant on the construction site - especially in urban areas.

The K750 Klaas crane is user-friendly and designed for an extended range of tasks.

Even on construction sites with limited space, the K750 is ready to work within minutes.

Another significant advantage: platform for people turns this crane into elevator, making the use of this crane even more diverse.

The winch of the crane with a double cable system is equipped with automatic control against sagging or skipping. The entire rope system is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs.

K750 Klaas mobile crane has impressive performance with compact dimensions

1 - unique lightweight aluminum boom - 36.5 meters high for lifting loads from 250 kg and lateral displacement of 30 meters.

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№ 2 - K400 Klaas Trailer Crane - Compact Sustainable Lifting - An impressive 34.3 m

K400 Klaas trailed mini crane - top model Klaas trailer cranes.
This mini crane is unique in terms of ease of use, payload and height of 34.3 m.
What is absolutely unique for an aluminum crane weighing 3.5 tons is a double hydraulic telescopic folding top.

V2-shaped outriggers of the K400 crane are equipped with the ASC system of monitoring the stability of the crane, which usually only large cranes have. In addition, outriggers can be expanded in different ways, which allows optimal use of available space. Large slope, any uneven terrain are not a problem, allowing not to reduce the capacity of this mini crane.

In addition, the plant manufacturer Klaas offers a choice of two different hybrid drive options. In addition to the diesel engine, an environmentally friendly electric motor is available.

The K400 Klaas trailer crane can be equipped with working platform for lifting people.

1 - V-shaped outriggers provide optimum stability, excellent use of the available space, installation in accordance with local conditions.
2 - Double telescopic folding jib - simultaneous extension and "stretching in the air" ensures optimal load distribution.

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№ 3 - K950 Klaas truck crane - the optimal combination of high maneuverability and range

K950 Klaas powerful crane with a lifting height 43.5 meters, it can be installed on both 2-axis and 3-axis chassis.
But it should be noted that customers more often order a truck crane on a 3-axle truck, which gives a significant advantage in maneuverability and driving comfort.

The popularity of this truck crane is connected with some other factors - the base arrow and the folding jib are made of high-strength aluminum profiles.
The relatively light aluminum material provides a low boom weight, giving an advantage in weight of about 12%.
That allows you to have excellent load characteristics in all directions.

The working platform for lifting people and performing high-altitude work is also one of the advantages of this truck crane.

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№ 4 - Klaas K1003 mobile crane - a giant crane with a lifting height of an incredible 52.2 meters on a 3-axle chassis

If you need a truly extreme range of loads and heights, then truck crane K1003 Klaas might interest you.
A retractable counterweight with a V-shaped outrigger system provides high performance of this crane. In addition, the supports are extended continuously, so it is possible to work in the most difficult terrain conditions.

The K1003 Klaas truck crane, with the help of a working platform for lifting people, turns into elevator with a working height of 50 meters.

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The designs of unique KLAAS aluminum cranes are very diverse and are created for almost any range of tasks.

Large load ranges with modest dimensions and dead weight - this is the signature feature of these German cranes.

Proposals from the KLAAS manufacturing plant (Germany) will satisfy the most demanding customer. German reliability and quality have long established themselves in the global market for construction equipment.

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