German manufacturer KLaas introduced a new truck crane with a platform for lifting people K400 RSX

The German manufacturer KLaas presented a new crane with a platform for lifting 2-3 people and the cargo when performing roofing and lifting of wood - even more powerful and efficient!

The trailer crane K400 RSX was first introduced in February 2018 at the national exhibition in the Cologne exhibition center. Thanks to crane`s high carrying capacity (under the hook 1600 kg in standard configuration or 3000 kg optional, the K400 RSX is the most powerful crane from the KLaas line, with a maximum lifting height of up to 31.8 m.

Innovation in technology is that Klaas has set the platform for lifting people and also for the first time installed a hydraulic telescopic boom in the trailer crane that can be controlled with the remote control - that is, the first element of the arrow can even be put forward in the working mode of the platform. In addition, the liftingcapacity of the crane has increased.

The K400 RSX trailer crane can be installed even in confined spaces in cities, on narrow construction sites and in warehouses.

The trailer crane K400 RSX is equipped with attachments: lifting platforms for 2-3 people, grip devices (for tiles, bricks, pallets, solar panels), hooks, traverses, etc.

Work with Klaas universal cranes, because it’s not only efficient, but also beneficial!

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