City Crane ATC 20 - Locatelli

The ATC20 City Crane model by Locatelli Crane is a high profile crane technology and compact size, maneuverability and pick and carry capacity of RT cranes with the comfort and the high speed of a motor vehicle.

No front outreach during the motion on road and 360° unrestricted visibility while lifting. Four driving and steering wheels, and adjustable hydrogas suspensions. Ideal for rental companies, construction companies and public works.

Technical sheet ATC20 City Crane

Load 20 t
Max. boom length 23,8 m
Max. boom height 26 m
No. of axles 2
Drive/Steer 4x4x4
Tyres 365/85 R20
Engine IVECO 175 kW @ 2.200 rpm
Dimensions 6.320x2.32x3. m - 190 H
Total weight 18.000 kg

You can order LOCATELLI city crane model ATC 20 - capacity 20 ton - and get detailed advice calling: (044) 502-67-23 or sending enquiry RIGHT NOW, using the form below.

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