Beginning of cooperation with GEDA factory (Germany)

The start of cooperation with the famous GEDA (Germany) manufacturer of lifts for goods and people used in the construction sector and industry is another notable event for Interbudtechnica in November 2017.

As the official dealer of GEDA in Ukraine, Interbudtekhnika got the right to deliver GEDA products to the Ukrainian market in the part of small mechanization - it is a cable winch GEDA Mini / Maxi and GEDA Star (lift height up to 80 meters, maximum load capacity up to 250 kg) , sloping lifts GEDA LIFT (height of lifting, taking into account lifting up to a roof, up to 80 meters with a carrying capacity up to 250 kg) for lifting and lowering of various loads: tiles, bricks, cement, mortars, glass, flat panels, solar panels and other loads using various attachments.

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