And again NEW from the manufacturer KLAAS - AMAK 60 - a small but powerful crane with a platform for lifting people!

The German manufacturer KLAAS introduced a new truck crane AMAK 60 with a platform for lifting people!

Installed on the IVECO DAILY 65 C15 this small but powerful universal crane AMAK 60 has a platform for lifting 2-3 people, which is ideal for wide range of roofing and carpentry, because it has good technical parameters and reliability in work.

With it it is easy to work in close conditions of construction sites and other hard-to-reach places.

The presence of the work platform for lifting people increases the functionality of the crane and provides real savings and a wider range of activities of the company which owns it.

The uniqueness of the crane lies in the work platform for people and a number of modern innovative technologies, electronic devices, which it is equipped with.

Work with Klaas universal cranes, because it’s not only efficient, but also beneficial!

Technical specifications AMAK 60

Max. lifting height 33 m
Lateral lifting range 27m (with a load of up to 250kg)
18 m (with a load of up to 500 kg)
11 m (with a load of up to 1000 kg)
Max. load capacity 1800 kg
Own weight 5 t
Opportunities There is an opportunity to work in the mode of the platform for lifting people
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