Sectors of application of mini cranes Jekko

JEKKO factory ongoing R&D activity makes it possible to use mini cranes in many sectors of the economy, namely :


Jekko mini cranes:
• perform all kinds of loading and unloading operations, moving the load at low-rise and high-rise constructions;
• can work in many different places: both on open construction sites and inside of various buildings, on floor slabs of high-rise buildings being constructed, on slopes, in tunnels, etc .;
• it is the perfect way to work in narrow, difficult places - stairs, walkways, etc .;
• are used when installing glass panels, sandwich panels, aluminum and metal structures, solar panels, roof mounting, and facade work.


Jekko mini cranes are widely used in various industrial plants and production:
• during installation, dismantling and arrangement of technological equipment indoors;
• when installing ventilation systems, etc .;
• when performing construction and repair work;
• especially where the use of other equipment is not possible.

... ..and other sectors

Jekko mini cranes have been interested of representatives of such narrow sectors as cinema, advertising, etc.

Jekko mini cranes are also used for maintenance of various structures and facilities: airports, railways, logistics and shopping centers, warehouses, car dealerships, service stations, exhibition halls, stadiums, schools, hospitals, recreation parks, etc.


  • Easy to transport and maximum convenient in operation.
  • Multiuse - can work in divers places, both in open areas and inside different buildings, on the floor slabs of high-rise buildings being constructed, slopes, stairs, passways and narrow hard-to-reach places, in pits, on ramps, in tunnels, etc.
  • Can easily pass through standard or double doorways.
  • Despite the light weight and incredible compactness, they have high technical characteristics of lifting capacity and working range.
  • Available with diesel engine, electric motor or accumulator battery.
  • Some models are equipped with extendable tracks that provide high passability, maneuverability and stability of the crane, including when operating on uneven surfaces and equipped with the Pick & Carry function - transportation of the goods from 500 kg to 2000 kg.
  • Thanks to Jekko’s innovative developments, mini cranes can work directly close with the buildings.
  • Can be fitted with attachments and accessories, namely, various types of jibs, vacuum lifters and vacuum manipulators for the installation of glass and flat panels, grabbers for pipes and beams, lifting beams, etc. All attachments are fully integrated with functions and safety system of mini crane.
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