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Truck crane K1100 RSX - KLAAS (Germany)

Manufacturer: Klaas (Germany)
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K1100 RSX truck crane is the new giant from the line of KLAAS truck cranes.
The German company Klaas has developed a new K1100 RSX model of the highest class in the 26-ton segment, which not only reaches the hook height 60 meters, but also has a huge lifting capacity in the from 500 to 2000 kg.
So, the K1100 RSX truck crane can lift a weight of 500 kg to a height of 45 meters, 1 ton by 35 meters, 2 tons about 23 meters.
The K1100 RSX truck crane was created based on the K1003 RSX truck crane, so all the basic functions are inherent in the new model.

K1100 RSX truck crane - KLAAS

• Maximum height - 60 meters.
• Max. working radius is 56 meters.
• Max. carrying capacity - 3t (std.) / 6t (option).
• Full rotation of the boom by 360°.
• Winch - 3 tons.
• Weight of the crane - 26 tons.
New 2020 model

Truck crane K1100 RSX, Klaas

Features of the K1100 RSX truck crane

60 meter boom system
An absolutely unique K1100 RSX crane boom system with a 38-meter main boom, which consists of five sections, and a triple telescopic hydraulic 18-meter jib.

This makes the K1100 RSX truck crane the ideal mobile crane for high-rise buildings, wide flat roofs and walls. These height ranges are made possible by the newly developed external guide rail in a boom system with 100% aluminum, as well as the patented friction stir welding technology. This allowed us to design a lightweight aluminum boom for loads that only steel structures can withstand.

Compact Stabilization Area
The K1100 RSX crane is designed for use in tight spaces in dense urban areas. Unique to this performance, the maximum extension length of the K1100 RSX truck crane outrigger is less than 6 meters! This compact stabilization zone was made possible by a new design in which the frame and outriggers were structurally optimized.

New HA 3/450° Work Platform for lifting people
A convenient working platform for lifting people in a few minutes and without any tools can be connected to the K1100 RSX truck crane. In addition to the two HA 2/200 and HA 3/300 work platforms, a new innovative third option has now been developed that makes working in hard-to-reach places even more convenient and flexible.
HA 3/450° Work Platform for lifting people can rotate 225° in both directions and reaches any position within 360°. This means that the work platform can easily reach the back of the building through an obstacle.
Thanks to the telescopic connecting element at the end of the boom, the basket can also rotate even with a flat boom angle. This provides the necessary headroom for comfortable work.
The working platform HA 3/450° has a loading capacity of 300 kg and is designed for 3 people.

It is these technological innovations that distinguish the K1100 RSX from the model truck crane K1003 RSX, on the basis of which it was created.

That is, all the basic functions of the K1003 RSX have the K1100 RSX crane models:
- Automatic crane stabilization system.
- V-shaped outriggers.
- Double boom cylinders.
- Simultaneous telescopic extension of the boom under load.
- A modern crane control system with the most convenient remote control.
- Separate diesel engine for crane operation.
- Compact retractable counterweight.

Truck crane capacity K1100 RSX

Areas of use for the K1100 RSX truck crane

- Truck crane K1100 RSX- Klaas - a powerful station wagon, indispensable in high-rise construction, repair, especially in a limited space of dense urban development.

- A truck crane for the supply of building materials, bricks, tiles, concrete. If necessary, the crane is equipped with additional brick grippers, fork grips for pallets, containers for concrete or garbage.

- Comfortable work through significant obstacles, through the roof of buildings. Safe work on slopes and difficult soils.

- A crane for roofing, roofing tiles, installation of ventilation systems and solar panels.

- Due to the fact that the K1100 can be turned into a full-fledged working platform in a few minutes, the mobile crane is also used for any high-altitude work, for trimming trees or for working in chimneys.

- To repair the roof, especially a large area. For quick dismantling and cleaning of construction waste.

- Insulation and repair of building facades. Installation of advertising structures at significant heights of building facades.

- A collection of metal structures, the construction of large trading floors, or storage facilities.

- Installation of glass facades of high-rise buildings, modern stadiums, conservatories and greenhouses. Optional vacuum glass lifts allow you to transport double-glazed windows as safely and quickly as possible.

- The work of the mobile communications industry, service towers.

Extreme heights, a significant range of lifting capacities - makes K1100 RSX truck crane unique in its segment in 26 tons of own weight. This powerful giant station wagon is able to cope with any task that can only arise at the construction site. Additional attachments and work platforms for lifting people - the most thoughtful and easy to manage, make typical tasks even simpler.
K1100 RSX Klaas truck crane - this is a look into the future of construction equipment today!

You can see technical specification of KLAAS (Germany) truck crane model K1100 RSX by clicking on the link:

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