Spider 43T

Working height: 43.18 m
Side outreach: 17.33 m
Diesel engine + AC electric motor
AC electric motor + DC electric motor
Diesel engine + DC electric motor

Safety and stability at high elevations

• Auto-stabilization and auto-stow
• Hybrid version on request with Diesel engine and lithium-ion batteries
• Radio control and two-speed drive
• Simple maintenance
• Simple and intuitive on-board fittings
• Diagnostics with on-board display
• Compact overall dimensions
• Multi-sectional telescopic boom for enhanced extension and retraction speed at height

The Spider 43 T is a self propelled tracked lift with extendible tracks and simple and intuitive controls. This tracked platform is incredibly stable and, at the same time, easily transportable. These characteristics plus a compact size that allows its use in narrow spaces, make it a good choice for those involved in jobs like tree trimming and pruning, maintenance work, painting and/or any other work at a height that is hard to reach with a normal platform. Thanks to the mentioned rubber tracks, this self propelled tracked lift can move easily in confined spaces or hard-to-reach points.

In addition, sturdy stabilizers make aerial work extremely stable and safe. The Spider 43 T tracked self propelled tracked lift comes with double stabilization and every latest-generation feature now available in the market, including all-automatic stabilization and boom stow, which are becoming standard on all Platform Basket models. In addition, the company has devoted a lot of attention to the design of the basket, made of aluminium, and to all mobile components, in order to lessen the machine’s weight, ensure optimum mobility and transportability, and enhance the side outreach.

The world we live in today demands spider lifts that can work in multiple conditions. This is why, to meet customers’ specific needs, we optimised a series of accessories. In addition, our technical department is available to study and develop other accessories and customised options according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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