Spider 33.15

Working height: 32.40 m
Side outreach: 15.60 m
Diesel engine + AC electric motor
Diesel engine + DC electric motor

The most reliable, compact and easy to manoeuvre without operator

• Negative working capability up to -6m thanks to the double telescopic boom articulation
• Radio control for automatic drive and stabilization operations
• Auto-stow for transport
• Big aerial basket option (up to 2.20m)
• Agile and stable on variable-width crawler track undercarriage
• Simple maintenance
• Simple and intuitive on-board fittings
• Ultra-light and easy to transport
• In-basket air, water and 220 V power outlets
• No externally-mounted hoses

The Platform Basket Spider 33.15 is an articulated lift with telescopic booms featuring impressive ground clearance to overcome obstacles and a working diagram offering excellent performance.
A self-propelled lift, it is ultra-compact and, in the stowed position, offers minimum width with basket rotated.

The Spider 33.15 has an extendible crawler track undercarriage with exclusive Platform Basket system that enables enhanced mobility when in the wide position and reduced height when in the narrow position.

The world we live in today demands spider lifts that can work in multiple conditions. This is why, to meet customers’ specific needs, we optimised a series of accessories. In addition, our technical department is available to study and develop other accessories and customised options according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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