Spider 30T

Working height: 30.20 m
Side outreach: 13.60 m
Diesel engine + AC electric motor
AC electric motor + DC electric motor
Diesel engine + DC electric motor

Light, agile and compact at a 30-metre height

• Reduced weight and dimensions, for easier transport even in the city
• Only 88 cm (35”) wide to drive through a single door
• Auto-stabilization and auto-stow
• No hoses and cables on the outside of the telescopic boom
• In narrow stabilization, outreach of up to 18.5 m
• Simple maintenance
• Simple and intuitive on-board fittings
• Diagnostics with on-board display
• In-basket air, water and 220 V power outlets
• Spacious basket with 230Kg capacity (room for 2)
• Option of lifting winch interchangeable with the basket

Weighing just 4300 kg, the Spider 30 T aerial telescopic lift can reach a working height of 30 metres. Thanks to the very reduced pressure exerted on the ground, it is excellent for use inside buildings with delicate floors. The platform is extremely compact and in the stowed position, it only needs an 88-cm-wide space, which means it can pass through narrow accesses to private house or building gardens, for green space maintenance.

Stabilization is all-automatic and the side outreach is also automatically handled over the 360-degree range of motion, based on the load in the basket and the stabilization mode.

Ease of use is a cornerstone of Platform Basket’s philosophy: the Spider 30 T is extremely user-friendly, so much so that when it is time to fold the platform, just the press of a button will stow the aerial section automatically at once. Platform Basket platforms are made to be easy to operate, that way no super-skilled operators and/or long training courses are needed to use them. Today, Platform Basket’s technical staff can boast the development of an operation and on-board diagnostics system that facilitates use of the platform and keeps its status always visible. For this, the platforms are fitted with two displays: a simplified display in the basket and a second display that provides more accurate information and is also used to guide the on-site or online technical support service.

On request, the Spider telescopic tracked lift can be supplied with remote assistance and GPS localisation, useful to solve electrical issues and/or for system updates. Characteristics such as quick movements, compact size, low weight and the convenient basket unhook/re-hook system definitely make it easily transportable. A bi-energy machine, it comes in standard, all-electric or hybrid version. It incorporates a Kubota combustion engine and, for eco-friendly and silent operation, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries that make its use possible in any operating condition, even while it is being charged. Giving the option for lithium-ion batteries in place of the traditional acid lead batteries is Platform Basket’s response to the growing demand for a more eco-friendly and advanced power supply solution (e.g. airports, shopping centres and museums). Equipped with a 230Vac electric pump, the standard bi-energy version can be used inside buildings without the need of the engine.

The world we live in today demands spider lifts that can work in multiple conditions. This is why, to meet customers’ specific needs, we optimised a series of accessories. In addition, our technical department is available to study and develop other accessories and customised options according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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