Spider 18.90

Working height: 17.60 m
Side outreach: 9.20 m
Diesel engine + AC electric motor
AC electric motor + DC electric motor
Diesel engine + DC electric motor

Perfect for green space and home maintenance jobs

• Available with KUBOTA liquid-cooled diesel engine
• Available in HYBRID version with lithium-ion batteries
• Simplified maintenance, with easy access to every component
• Easy to use, with precise and proportional controls
• Jib provides versatile use and no restrictions at full load
• Standard air/water and 230Vac power outlets in the basket
• Metal covers for total protection of exposed components
• Extra attention paid to stabilizer protection
• Basket attachment system designed to avoid obstructing space underneath the basket

The Spider 18.90 is a tracked aerial platform that can reach a working height of 18 metres. It was recently presented in its new PRO version with enhanced working diagram and a sharp reduction of vibrations and noise. Designed for operation in any environment, the model offers multiple motor options.

The jib affords excellent versatility and two big advantages: greater outreach and basket positioning precision. The Spider 18.90 is robust, stable and reliable, built with quality components and protected against impacts through metal covers on all exposed parts. Multifunctional proportional hydraulic controls offer extreme precision and add to the ease of use of this platform.

The world we live in today demands spider lifts that can work in multiple conditions. This is why, to meet customers’ specific needs, we optimised a series of accessories. In addition, our technical department is available to study and develop other accessories and customised options according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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